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If you keep a journal, do you think anyone other than you will ever read it?

Asked by Jeruba (53807points) March 10th, 2019

I’m referring to an actual journal or diary, something in which you record your daily activities and private thoughts—maybe even on paper—and not something you publish online, hoping for an audience.

If you think someone else will read it someday (for example, your children, when you’re gone), do you ever write for those readers rather than just for yourself?

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Oh yes. That is why I don’t put certain things in.

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When the kids grew older into adults they asked what they were like as young children and activities, toys did they have etc

I wished that I had started writing my intermittent journals more often and much earlier.
As it is I have accounts of our picnics,and events briefly written .

It wasn’t until in my later years that I wrote of daily thoughts, events, occurrences, funny incidents etc .

I have ten years of that in several journals that really need to be typed out as I see the ink on some have smudges on them.

I had glued, taped, and even stapled items to the pages of interest at that time with pressed flower petals,letter attached,post cards,fabric and photograph,even tiny charms/jewelry etc

Its a kind of small time capsule .

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I have written all my life. It was like a need. My first official adult journal was given to me by my sis in law when I was expecting for the first time. I wrote in it daily. That was 35 years ago.

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One day it would make good reading for your descendants.
Make a copy ( and keep it in a safe place.

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I have rewritten the entries into Word. They’re saved to disc, to the computer and backed up by Carbonite at least once a day. Not to mention hundreds of other entries created with the advent of computers.

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I do have journals. If I’m in compos mentis, I’ll probably destroy them at some point – or at least parts of them. Some that are about them I may leave for my sons to find.

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Compos mentis?

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^^It means If she is of sound mind. Or, in control mentally, clearheaded.

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I’ve kept a diary since I was 15 years old and from 1975 I think I have covered every day of my life. I am aware that my children may read what I have written so occasionally, very occasionally, I may modify what I write but I don’t write for anyone but myself.

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I started an exercise journal in 1981 in order to help to become a faster runner. I never stopped doing it. It’s now a big stack of journals that fell of every workout and every race with all the good, bad and ugly (the victories, struggle, failures and injuries). Has a lot of detail of calisthenics, weight workouts, travel to races, people and crazy things that happened. Add up all the miles and I’ve ran, hiked and paddled an equivalent of 3½ times around the Earth at its circumference.

I didn’t write anything in my journal for anyone else to read. It is mostly a bunch of raw data that mean a lot to me but nothing to anyone else.

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I don’t keep a journal per se, but on my computer I have a few places where I keep notes. It can be anything from a description of a dream to an idea for my writing or thoughts about an attractive person I saw. My intent is for no one to ever read these notes; they are quite private. I recently discovered some notes I had kept as a teenager. I was so embarrassed by their existence that I deleted them, not even caring if I ever see them again.

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