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Do I need to watch Godfather: Part III?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) August 23rd, 2008

I’ve just finally watched the Godfather and will watching Part II shortly. I hear the third one is awful. Do I need to watch it or should I pretend that it doesn’t exist.

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The ONLY way to find out if any movie meets YOUR definition of “good,” is to watch it for yourself and make up your own mind.

No one should be allowed to “decide for” you.

I really like ROGER EBERT, but I’m not going to let him pick which movies I watch, and which ones I avoid.

August 24, 2008, 2:40 AM EDT

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Yes, absolutely. If you can get past the horrible miscasting of Sophia Coppola (very amatuer acting) then it’s a pretty good flick. It wouldn’t be considered a bad movie if it stood alone. Definitely the weekest Godfather of the trilogy but it has its moments.
“Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in!”

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The third one isn’t terrible… But it does have some rough spots.

Perfect series? Rambo. I’m watching 3 right now.

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I didn’t enjoy it all. Maybe as its own movie it would have been okay, but I didn’t think it flowed well after the first two.

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Watch it, but take the advice I followed when watching Heaven’s Gate, have the remote handy with your finger poised over the fast forward button. Use said fast forward button whenever Sophia Coppola enters a scene.

Some of the memorable lines alone are worth the prices of admission:

Connie: Now they will fear you.
Michael: Maybe they should fear you.

Joey Zasa: Just because I cut a more “bella figura.”

Michael: It’s not what I wanted.

Mobster About to be Shot in the Massacre at the Hotel (grabbing at the coat as the place is riddled with bullets): My lucky coat!

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…spoiler alert. Sheesh.

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@Lovelocke – I didn’t think of it as a spoiler, good point. Oops!

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Interesting. I never saw Godfather III either. But maybe it’s one of those things you just have to watch, regardless of how bad it is. adds it to my must watch movies list

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I like III better than II.

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Then you are the only one.

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Indeed you are….

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@PnL: I do think it’s one to watch once but never again.

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@Barbie – Okay, I’ll keep that in mind !

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Yes, but keep your expectations low. III gives the series closure, but it feels rushed.

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