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Windows 10 Administrators & Computer Management?

Asked by Sayd_Whater (439points) 1 week ago

Good evening to all!
I recently got an old pc from a friend who assured me it was formated with Windows 10 and made me only Administrator.
However I came across the users list and shared folders and was a bit surprised by the amount of users and particular worried about the fact that there are 2x Administrators plus the fact that under shared folders there are a couple of “remote” Adm & IPC.
I’d like to know if these are normal by default specifications and built-in properties or if I am actually not in total control.

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Looks normal. My computer (recent clean install) looks the same. There’s your account (marked out) and the default accounts:

Note the down arrows on the others. They are disabled. But I would recommend a clean install. For the learning experience and peace of mind.

Microsoft – Start fresh with a clean installation of Windows 10

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