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Are Facebook and Instagram still down?

Asked by flo (12588points) March 13th, 2019
If so, what are people on only on those sites doing? Some people and business don’t seem to update their own websites just because they’re on social media.

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I’ve been off and on facebook all day (East Coast, US) and it has always been up for me.

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Both are down

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Facebook has been up all day for me.

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Mine was down yesterday. Today I tried to post on one thread and it wouldn’t let me, but for the most part it seems ok. I can view my photos. Yesterday I couldn’t view photos and was a bit nervous. It made me realize I shouldn’t use FB for photo storage.

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^^^^ :( and on your birthday!

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According to my local news, both are still having problems today. Neither are explaining what the problem is nor why. Today’s problems seem to be a little more sporadic than yesterday; but, it’s still occurring!!!

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Why would only some people have a problem?

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