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What are some of the most common things that people say they recycle?

Asked by flo (13313points) March 14th, 2019

They say that product is ok to continue to produce because I recycle it, I dot dot dot.

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Cardboard,Plastic bags,Plastic bottles,newspapers,magazines,books.

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Aluminum anything

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@rebbel Our local companies won’t take glass, we have to deliver them seperately in the next town.

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@KNOWITALL Those are waste companies, so to speak?
We have all kinds of different (underground) waste container in our cities, throughout the country.
For glass, plastics, greens, paper even (not sure about that one).
Batteries we bring to the stores or supermarkets.
Chemicals, furniture, building materials/waste we bring directly to the waste company.

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@rebbel Yes, here in Missouri it’s through our trash company. It’s actually pretty annoying because they only take some things, others we have to take to another city, some I take to Humane Society, etc… If we want America to recycle, we have to make it easier.

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Glass, paper and cardboard, aluminum and steele cans, car tires, plastic bottles, paint.

In our area they also take yard waste and turn it into mulch that can be taken for your yard from the dump where they take it after it jas been turned into mulch.

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What about the non biodegradable plastic shopping bags? Some people say “I recycle those by using them for when I walk my dog”

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I send the plastic shopping bags to Walmart.

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And if people use the to pick up their dog’s poop then they are reusing them, not recycling them.

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