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What can one really determine, online or otherwise, to find out if a person is being truthful about themselves, their history and credentials?

Asked by Yellowdog (6781points) 1 week ago

“Background checks” are sometimes vague and limited in scope; limited to felonies and crimes of moral turpitude, Social Security records of employment, etc etc. But not why they left their employment, or if they did as well as they claim, or accomplished what they said, or even are who they say they are.

What, then, can a regular person determine about a person they intend to employ, date. or even meet or trust in some manner?

How can the average person determine if someone has the degrees they claim or even went to the schools they claim, or worked where they said they did?

How can someone know if someone has the same educational credentials, work experiences and accomplishments, work history, etc. How easy is it to fake or alter this information?

(Edit) I realize that there are websites that claim to find this information for you But can this be faked, altered? How can such said websites find the information they claim to have?

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You can call their university and ask what credentials they have.

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If you have a legal name you can get most info easily. Social media, govt databases, etc.. Some states, like Cali, can be more challenging.

I am our friends groups researcher for new boyfriends and different things.

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Use Google. If you know a person’s name, and the state they live in, you can start there. You can do a people search on a search engine to find out a town. You can search their name with other terms which will tell you more about where they live, their place of employment, etc. If they work for the government (as I do), salary and start date are public information. There are so many ways you can find out about people by using the internet. Put in terms like “obituary” or “arrested” and see what comes up.

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Enhanced Interrogation©
Turns out, everyone is a witch.

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Employers have means to get to these answers. And realize that is much cheaper to just confront the person and ask for the truth , otherwise they will lose the job. Best to be honest upfront and some employers will overlook and hire on merits of the person and expertise to get the job done.
As a friend checking another out,Why go to that length?
If a friend, just ask for the truth if it is desperately needed.( especially if in a relationship).

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@Inspired_2write People lie.

One girlfriend with two children who left a very abusive relationship met someone online locally and was terrified he was not going to be good to her, asked me to research.

Ended up he did have a record and was 10 years older than he had purported.

That’s why you always do an independent check in relationships. Her and her kids had been though enough.

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@KNOWITALL I am so sorry, for that situation that women had to go through, and yes I see why it is necessary to check out people especially meeting online. I myself do not support online dating sites for that very reason..saw enough fraud on TV documentaries that show that.
Another TV show is “Catfish”
That exposes fake identities and its more prevalent in our digital times.

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@Inspired_2write Oh I know, I used to love that show.

Believe it or not, it’s been very useful in a number of situation to investigate.

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