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Which are the substances(ingestible) which make a person permanently extremely weak?

Asked by thediscusser (4points) 1 week ago

Which are the substances(ingestible) which make a person permanently extremely weak?The person becomes weak, weak-nerved, lazy, extremely peaceful and sitting, because standing needs a vigour. Neither he has a wish nor he has a strength to fight even with a child. Few people are poisoned with such types of substances.

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Are you asking to help someone or hurt someone?

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Tetrahydrocannabinol, administered via intrapulmonary fumigation.

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Foxnewsicllin is the worst. You swallow tiny little pills with water. Their active ingredient goes right to the brain though the bloodstream.

Immediately, Foxnewsicillin begins to break down most processes of thinking in the brain, rendering the person into a mindless zombie.

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Weird question, but even weirder is @elbanditoroso knew the answer and exact specifics about how it works.

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Small amounts of mercury.

My grandmother’s former landlord went to prison for 20 years for poisoning his business partner in an automotive restoration business. He probably intended to kill his business partner to get full ownership of the business.

He must have thought the mercury would be undetectable in small amounts. It is my understanding that he put it in his food.

His victim is pale and in a wheelchair. He’s not paralyzed but is too weak to do anything and can only marginally move his body.

The man who poisoned him had worked as a substitute high-school science teacher and had learned about the lethality of mercury while serving in the military.

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