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When were these cliched movie trailer lines first used?

Asked by Kurtosis (95points) August 24th, 2008

My friend and I have a running joke of trying to work trite phrases into ordinary conversation, like “The only rule is that there are no rules!” or “Will the hunter become the hunted?”. Everyone recognizes these cliches from movie trailers and the like, but I’m wondering when they were first used. What’s the oldest movie, TV show, etc you know that uses one of these lines? Or other cliches, like “In a world…”

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“This summer…”

Does that count?

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“from the people who brought you ____”

“everyone is talking about _____ of the summer (or year)”

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I don’t know, is that what your looking for?

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OH I missed the actually question.

I have no idea when they were first used.

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One of my favorite homages to these trailers:

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I thought Pablo Francisco did a very good parody of all the cliched parts in movie trailers.

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The trailer for Comedian, starring Hal Douglas, is hilarious. My favorite all time trailer. Here’s an excerpt of Hal Douglas’s Wikipedia page :

Douglas is known in the film industry as the “In a world…” guy because many of his trailers have begun with these words, and his voice has immortalized them (although Don LaFontaine claims to have actually created the catchphrase)

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Somewhat related: We have GOT to come up with a new way to alert everyone that the bad guys are coming. “We’ve got company!” is SO played, amen?

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“The only rule is there are no rules” first appeared in a movie (I think) where they were playing a card game called TagWar. Those in on the game know they are cheating a man out of his money and that TagWar is “the amazing game without any rules”. I thought this first appeared in M*A*S*H (the movie), but I found a single reference that says it was in a movie called Bang the Drum Slowly. Maybe they were just cheating at poker in M*A*S*H and I’m mis-remembering. It’s been well over a decade since I’ve seen either movie. Maybe someone else will recall this.

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