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If "Fifty Shades of Grey" concerns sadomasochistic practice, why have over 125 million copies been sold?

Asked by luigirovatti (2325points) March 15th, 2019

And the rights also in 52 countries?

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What is the contradiction?

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@josie: Is it normal for so many people to be interested (not to say fascinated) by the BDSM?

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Normal is a statistical term.

What is the data that says that the book’s sales represent statistical normal?

Not trying to be difficult. Just sayin

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I have not got a clue. I have never had a desire to read them.
Maybe they’re just really well written.

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It’s 1.8 permille of the world’s population.

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@rebbel: 1 billion people are in Africa and most of them don’t have money to buy books.

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2,1 permille then.
And I think that there are plenty people on that big continent that can read, have money, and are interested in BDSM.

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125 million isn’t really that much.

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I think that the book taps into interesting concepts. The things we encounter often in life are not exceptional to us, so if something is novel we are more inclined to read about it. I didn’t know much about sadomasochism when I first read the book. Also, the relationship between the main characters is something I think a lot of women fantasize about – not the BDSM aspect, but the unrequited love part that many people who criticize the book don’t always recognize. That’s my take on it, at least. I’m not a fan of the writing, I think it could be better, but you can’t deny that the author tapped into an eager audience.

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It was their connection and there was a psychological aspect to his deep need. It was way more than BDSM or sex, that was the point.

Yes I read them all. No they werent masterpieces but it was real, it happens, we should acknowledge our needs responsibly.

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A lot of people are interested in learning about kinks, and how they may or may not affect relationships. It is part of being sex positive. Reading it doesn’t make you one that is into BDSM, but who knows if it might make you try something new with your partner?

@luigirovatti you frame the question like there is something wrong or perverse about exploring kinks and fet-life.

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It’s about the sex, not the sadomasochistic stuff, although that probably added an interesting twist.

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Because people like legal, titillating porn.

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How many tickets sold to “Debbie Does Dallas” in the 70s? :D

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Honestly it makes more sense to me that people are into BDSM than torture porn movies like Saw and Hostel.

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