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Would it make more sense that President Trump is a Democratic mole trying to collapse the Republican party from the inside?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13921points) 1 week ago

Then to think that he is really a white supremacist, sexist, islamophobe, jerk?

When I was young it thought Donald Trump was a Democrat.

I just have trouble thinking that a person can be so screwed up unless it was deliberate.

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In what way(s) is he any different than the rest of the Republican party?

There is this strange idea that liberals have that non-Trump Republicans are respectable, rather than rancid pieces of sh*t. There is just no evidence for this.

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No. He ran for president just for something to do and to be a big shot on TV in front of the nation. He didn’t want or expect to win. If he was some kind of mole, he would have tried harder to actually win.

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That might be a bit of overthinking. trump is just one of those pathetic old guys who need constant attention and praise just to feel alive and significant.

He has a psychotic obsession and not even fit to be called a human being when he makes innocent kids suffer and is totally immune to their plight.

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He was a Democrat, but still out for himself. Now he’s a Republican, because he knows that was the way to win. Trump had said more than once that the Republicans are good at runnning campaigns, and the republican people are easily manipulated. Something like that. His words not mine. I remember when it was Bush v. Kerry Trump said it’s amazing how the the Bush campaign has Republicans thinking Bush is a military hero and Kerry is anti-military, when Bush was the draft dodger, and Kerry actually served. Something to that effect.

I gotta wonder if Trump studied up on propaganda and manipulating the public. He’s so good at it.

It will be interesting once he’s out of office if he will tell some truths about the game he played.

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If he was trying to undermine the Republican party, he would be a white supremacist, sexist and Islamaphobe. He would also not have boosted the economy or helped minority unemployment as much as he has. He would have rolled over and helped the Dems now that he is in office. Instead, the Dems are reversing their own opinions just to keep from supporting him.

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No. He is what he is. A POS sexist, racist, white supremacist, low information, bigot, who is only interested in his own self, and making money for himself. He is greed and stupidity personified.

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Up until he decided to run for president, he had always said that he identified with the Democrats & he has always been pro abortion until it wouldn’t help him get elected…even then I don’t think he ever stated his stance on abortion…his base just “assumed” he was against it.

I seriously doubt that he’s trying to undermine the Republican party because he’s NOT that smart!!! He would have run as a Democrat except they had NO place for him; so he chose the ONLY party that would back him!!! I still believe that he ran as a joke & it went viral & simply got away from him!!!

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Good grief.

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To put it politely Trump is neither Democrat nor Republican but a psychopathic narcissist with the potential to destroy not a political party but the country.

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No, Trump isn’t that smart.

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He doesn’t have a solid or coherent political ideology one way or the other. So, no. He’s not a mole. He’s a malignant narcissist. It’s all about him and his ego, regardless of the damage it inflicts on anyone else.

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No. He knew his chances of running and winning were better as a Rep. He said it years ago and it was true.
The recent Anamoly interview with Roseanne Barr was interesting. She believes Trump is a centrist.

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