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Do you have any incredible life hacks or tips you've learned recently, that have been so great you don't know why you didn't do or discover them sooner?

Asked by jca2 (1588points) 1 week ago

I used to have to go to my basement to use my washer and dryer. I have to go outside to get to my basement, which meant in the cold weather, rain, snow, dark, etc. it wasn’t always possible for me to run down there.

Recently, a friend took my washing machine up from the basement and put it in my bedroom. it doesn’t look too glamorous but it’s so easy to do laundry now. So convenient to take it and hang it up. If it’s something that needs to be dried, I can take it down to the dryer. No more carrying armfuls of laundry up and down the steps. No more having to put on a coat and shoes to go out in the cold or rain, or the dark. I don’t know why more people don’t have their washing machine in their bedrooms or at least upstairs in their houses, where it’s very easy to access and put the clothes into the closet.

Do you have any life hacks (kitchen hacks, lifestyle things or tips) that you have discovered lately that have made your life a lot easier? Something you discovered or learned from the internet or from a friend that has been really helpful for you?

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I used to pay extra on my utility bills and get better interest than a bank savings account. They stopped that now.

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I use paper plates. To cut down on cleaning.

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Omg! You’ve had to go through an old timey, Kansas-style storm celler with an outdoor entrance to do laundry all these years?? I can’t fathom! But you got grit, girl, and you can be proud of yourself.
I’m in shock right now so I have to think on this for a bit….

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Congrats on your upgrade! That is beyond awesome!

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I’ve had it a couple of years, a jar opener that has a place for several different jar sizes, it looks like this

It’s better than any electric jar opener I have tried.

I love having my laundry room next to my master, or better yet a door from the master closet to the laundry. I don’t have that now. The laundry near the kitchen is from the day of women working in the kitchen all day, or having a maid that works in the kitchen.

My husband doesn’t like the laundry near the master, because if he wants to rest and the machines are running it bothers him.

Having the laundry in the basement, walking up and down stairs, let alone having to walk outside is really asking too much. When I was in college I had to walk outside to the laundry in my apartment complex, which didn’t bother too much, because I could also do more than one load at once, but to have to do it now would be a real drag.

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