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What are your favorite pieces of chicken?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13920points) 1 week ago

Mine is the thigh flap, from legs and thighs with back attached. With BBQ sauce and second the tail bone. What are yours? I’m a dark meat guy.

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Skin, legs, and the Bürzel.

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Used to be the breast but now I can’t eat that much so 3 – 4 wings.

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All of them, Well, maybe not the beak or feet.

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Legs and thighs.

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I used to work at KFC. My favorite was a center breasr. I don’t think they cut the chicken that way any more.

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@filmfann I Googled centre breasr and didn’t show a good picture. I worked at KFC for two months 15 years ago. Nevet heard of it.

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I worked at KFC for 4 years to work my way through college (1973–1977). I always thought that the center breasr was the besr! Still do.

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Hard to answer. It depends on how it is prepared.

There’s a restaurant near me that does a great garlic wing plate. So when I go there, that’s the thing I order.

On the other hand, I’ll go to a different restaurant that does chicken cordon bleu very nicely – and that’s the breast.

So it isn’t the part that is important, it’s the preparation.

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So you KFC people of yore.. what is center breast? Is it a chicken wing?

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My favourite chicken parts were the five chickens in Mussorgsky’s opera Boris Godunov.

One does arrempr ro keep abreasr, or at least I oyster.

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The way the chicken was cut for KFC, the center breast was pretty much how it sounds. A cut of chicken from between the breasts, and it had a bit of cartilage kind of like a solar plexus. Juicy.

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You mean the bone?

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KFC cut up the body of the chichen in 3 pieces: “right brest”, “left brest” and “center brest” (also called “the keel”). This way there are no “backs” that no ones likes.

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I like the thigh the best. It’s meaty and flavorful. It’s not too small and not too large. I use thighs in my chicken soup. I just boil them with onions, celery and carrots. At some point, I take the thighs out and take the meat off the bones, cut the meat into small pieces, and then I put it all back into the soup so the stock gets the flavor and fullness from the bones, too.

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i worked at Chicken delight when they invented it!!! (I can’t actually say who invented it but it came online while I was working there.)
When I first started working there in the mid 1960’s a chicken had 8 pieces. 2 breasts, 2 thighs, 2 legs and 2 wings.
After a year, some marketing genius invented another piece: the front part of the breast, and called it the “Keel” after the keel of a ship. That meant a Chicken Delight chicken now had 9 pieces. A (worthless) marketing advantage.
The keel had the best meat of the breast. But t also required an extra cut when disassembling a chicken.
We now could sell an 18 piece bucket of chicken, whle the other vendor could only offer a 16 piece bucket. Incredibly, to me anyway, it worked.

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Meh, I prefer those mobile grills, that sell the whole chicken.

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Drum stick, thigh, and some small pieces on the back. Love wings, but they are best separate, and sauced.

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Still puzzling out “center brest.”

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@Dutchess_lll Rather than cutting the front part of the chicken into 2 breasts, they cut a diamond shaped center piece out and call that the Keel. The remaining 2 pieces are called ribs or breasts. I see that KFC is doing that now.


Grilled chicken specifically is my favorite kind of chicken

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That wasn’t the question.

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