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Can worry and stress really cause ulcers?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10127points) March 17th, 2019

If yes, how?
Or is it just another old wives’ tale?

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Yes, probably.
Not all ulcers.
Need more research.
Stress bad for sure.

Read this and other articles.

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Definitely, yes

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Yes, I had an issue in my early 20’s with stress and an ulcer.

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Your stomach reflects your moods.
When you become embarrassed, and blush, so does your stomach.

Stress can cause an overproduction of acid in your stomach. This can wear away at its protective lining, resulting in an ulcer.

A peptic ulcer is a spot that is irritated and inflamed.
A bleeding ulcer needs no introduction.

The old wives tale is using milk to coat the stomach. It does not. In fact, dairy is harder than most foods to digest, so it gets things into an uproar, making conditions much worse.

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Most of the time it is not caused by stress, but rather by a specific bacteria. You can get tested for it.

I had esophageal ulcers once from ibuprofen. It was really very bad, I have the photos from the scope. I took a pill that had no coating with very little water, and then I went to sleep. The thing laid in my esophagus and practically burned a hole through it. This could have just as easily had been my stomach. I only take candy coated ibuprofen now, with lots of water and some food.

Stress can be a cause, and stress can certainly exacerbate illness already existing. Stress could cause you to produce more stomach acid, cause your immune system to release cells that harm your tissues, or cause your nervous system to be revved up, but mostly I’m a big believer in finding underlying cause.

As a woman I get pretty annoyed with being told I’m sick because of stress, age, or hormones, when I feel pretty sure there is much more to it. The stress answer to me is typically medicine not knowing what causes it and blaming the patient.

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@2davidc8 And trust me, it doesn’t always end with stomach ulcers.

About a year after the bleeding ulcer, I turned red from head to toe and didn’t even realize it until my mom saw me and freaked out.

If your body isn’t handling stress well, you need to work on new ways to handle it, especially if you’re a constant worrier like I am. Keep an eye on your blood pressure, too.

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Somehow yes. Stress can cause internal abnormalities but not specifically ulcer. It can only contribute to such situations that leads to ulcer.

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