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Should Ireland leave the EU?

Asked by reijinni (6953points) March 18th, 2019

I heard on a programme that the border question would be better resolved if Ireland also leaves the EU.

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Why should Ireland have to leave because of some stupid politicians in the UK?

Brexit was a dumb idea, based on lies, from the start. Why should Ireland suffer?

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The best option is Northern Ireland leaving the UK and unifying with Ireland.

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The Republic would never fare well under Britain’s thumb again. @ragingloli said it best. Let Ulster become free!

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Just asked our gardener Toby Shoor & he said…“oi don’t roightly no master sir”

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Why should Ireland also shoot itself in the foot just because the UK is stupid enough to?

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Well, yes, that would resolve the issue. Perhaps the UK should annex Ireland and reincorporate it into the United Kingdon, just in case the Irish don’t want to go along with the idea.

Also, the UK could solve its post-EU tariff and trade issues by reclaiming all her former colonies and reestablishing the British Empire.

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Ireland has benefited a lot from being in the EU and it wouldn’t make sense for it to leave. Leaving wouldn’t solve the border problem anyway, you would still have a border between Ireland and the UK. The reunification of Ireland is the option that makes most sense.

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