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What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

Asked by eeyore200343 (175points) August 24th, 2008
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The pain of duplicate questions.

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didnt realise it had already been asked OK!!!!

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It’s ok :)
We’re your friends, this is a friendly site!

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Szechuan buds, for sure. Looks like a little bud that someone nipped off a weed in the front yard, but man, it produces the weirdest sensation in the mouth. It’s like a strong electric tingling, followed by a persistant numbness. It’s not a flavor really at all, just this freaky sensation.

They’re just coming on the scene in the States, and are starting to pop up in extreme foodie circles.

Here’s an article about it.

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Had you asked WHO, I would have an answer…

August 24, 2008, 8:18 AM EDT

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A Swedish specialty called sour herring. Which is, essentially, rotten herrings:

And I must say, I’m loving it. Once I eat sour herring that had passed the ‘best before’ date with 2 years. That was rotten, rotten herring.

It’s said to be good for your stomach, and intestinal flora.

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For the record Magnus, I think that it is fun to ask these types of questions every now and again. There are many Flutherites who probably never read the original question and newbies who haven’t made there way back to that question. What’s the harm? To me it beats iPhone questions…


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Chicken testicles

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@eeyore : for the future if you have a question search it first that way you will know if it has been asked, or if something similar was asked. Thats what I do now, because I have repeated a couple of questions myself. That way Magnus wont have to “yell” at you anymore. =] lol

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Live shrimp. Stingray’s wing. Cow’s tongue.

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Strange is a matter of opinion. I don’t consider a nutra rat a strange thing to eat but some do. It is great pot roasted in a gravy served over rice.

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Sea cucumber (which to me is not much more than a giant slug – ugh)
Birds nest soup

And I swear I once found a tonsil in a can of Albertson’s brand vegetable soup. I saved it in a little baggie and took it back to the store, where they gave me coupons for 5 free cans of Albertson’s brand vegetable soup. Not liking tonsil soup, I threw the coupons away. (I never actually ate the tonsil, though. Thank God.)

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bicuits with wine,french fries with ice cream and green vegetables

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McDonald’s hash browns with mustard. (I have an obsession with mustard…..)

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