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When you have the flu how do you pass the time?

Asked by joeschmo (1396points) March 19th, 2019

Yuck. Feel blech and so bored.

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Go into town, sneezing on random passerbys.

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Sleep. Read. Watch HGTV.

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I set an alarm to take fever reducer. Maybe eat a little something, pee, then sleep. That’s the first three days anyway. I might watch some TV or Facebook for a short time before going back to sleep.

Maybe you don’t have the flu? What does blech mean? The flu you can barely get out of bed for 4 days. No time for boredom usually, you’re too sick.

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The last time I had the flu was in 1964. I was in bed for 3 full days on nothing more than soup, didn’t have the energy for anything more until the fourth day when I could eat solids. if you really have the flu, you aren’t looking for something to do.

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Stay warm, drink fluids, watch TV.

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I have strep according to the doctor. I feel dead.

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Most men are. I accept the putdown.

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@joeschmo Take your antibiotics now and you will be able to go about your business by this evening. Take the whole prescription.

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@zenvelo not sure about this evening, but thanks. I hate meds but I am taking the antibiotics.

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Whimpering on the sofa, pretty much.

Sympathy helps as much as anything. So…there, there, poor child. Just rest quietly and take your meds and drink plenty of liquids and keep warm, and you’ll feel better soon. Would you like me to read to you?

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I haven’t had the flu since the 70s but Mom put me on the couch where I could watch TV and sleep, with something to throw up in on the floor next to me because if I stood up I’d pass out.
Then she left

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Sleep, sleep and more sleep.
If I can’t sleep, I take a sip of Nyquil and sleep some more.

@Jeruba That’s what works best! Someone to bring you some soup, a cool cloth for your brow, etc…

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Sleep. Read. Watch the Food Network.

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So you have strep and not the flu?

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Yes. It sucks. It felt like flu symptoms but the throat thingey said strep.

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I watch c-pac or c-span. Drink ginger ale and sleep.

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Feed a fever starve a cold.

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Binge on Turner Classic Movies.

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I haven’t had the flu since I was in high school, but when I have a cold, I spent time online or watching movies (I can’t really sleep during the day, so that’s not an option for me). I can’t read either because watery itchy eyes prevent me from being able to focus on a book.

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Sleep and tv and cuddle with the pets.

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Feed a fever starve a cold, but what about a feverish strep throat?

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@Jleslie I’m sure you could search the word yourself but since you asked: it appears in both British and American dictionaries. It means either to be disgusted with something, or, as I used it, a feeling of disgust, like from the flu or strep, as I now know what ails me.


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I know what blech means. I meant do you really have the flu, what are your symptoms? I had a hard time believing someone with the flu was bored. When you have the flu you can barely get out of bed and you sleep 20 hours a day. No waking time to be bored. Seems my hunch was correct.

For strep, just stay hydrated, eat a little, if it hurts to swallow try popsicles, and cold liquids, and take your antibiotics as prescribed. If it 3 times a day set your alarm to make sure you take the drug on time every 8 hours.

I’m still not even sure you have strep, because that quick test is wrong all the time, and you hadn’t mentioned a sore throat, but it sounded like one of our other UK jellies had strep a few days ago (I think she is UK) so maybe you’re having a bit of a breakout there.

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Also, you can use chloreseptic spread to numb your throat to help you eat.

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No. It’s feed a cold and starve a fever. The theory is that starving a fever will give it less energy, kind of like not putting wood on a fire. And, obviously, they’re both nonsense.

Keep cold jello on your throat. And ice cream,and ice cold 7-Up. I found that sucking on a throat lozenge, then following it with a cold, fizzy drink helps flash freeze it for a second.
Eat whatever you can comfortably, if you feel like eating at all. You don’t have to worry about eating nutritionally for a few days.

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