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When was the last time you sent a card in the mail and for what?

Asked by Harper1234 (289points) 4 weeks ago

I love choosing a card and sending it to surprise someone and all the major holidays but I think that habit is shrinking. I go all out and decorate the envelopes and put fun things inside the cards like maybe a feather….

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My sister’s birthday. About a month ago.

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My friend’s birthday yesterday.

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Friend/former coworker’s birthday about a month ago.

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I mailed 2 Monday. One for a birthday and the other for a new baby.

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That would be our former gardener Frobisher, yes, he certainly got his “cards” alright.

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My ex’s two children’s birthday, both in March.

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I’m not a card sender, but I keep the ones I get forever.

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I sent 3 postcards this week. Everytime I go on a vacation, or just a trip to the next town, I buy and mail postcards to my friend’s 3 kids. I have been doing it since the oldest one was 4 and they moved to my town. The baby, born in November of last year, has already received 2 cards. The other two kids have received about 10 each.

I send Xmas, Easter, Birthday, and Halloween cards to those 3 kids, and my nephew.

I have sent a few get well cards in the last 6 months, and I occasionally send “thinking of you” cards to a few close friends.

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I sent one two weeks ago for a friend’s sobriety anniversary.

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