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Are there any plants in folklore or legend similar to mandrake?

Asked by Pinkcottonfluffs (36points) March 21st, 2019 from iPhone

I’m creating a character and I was wondering if there are any legends of things like mandrake, not as in plants similar in real like to the actual mandrake plant but legends of living plants or plants that come alive or are similar to people (even if the actual plnt didn’t exist)

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There are dryads, talking trees (which inspired Tolkien’s Ents), and man-eating trees. All of these are fictional, of course.

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In Wizard Of Oz the trees threw apples as Dorothy.

I am Groot!

Alice in Wonderland and the singing flowers.

Ego uses a plant of some sort to link his god power to planets throughout the universe in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Granted, in that the plants were merely an extension of himself, used basically as signal towers.

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Triffids are mobile and carnivorous.

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Vervoids are the name of the plant monsters from Dr. Who

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The space alien in the movie The Thing From Another World was a plant-like organism.

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