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Considering to buy an iPhone?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) August 24th, 2008

I am considering an iPhone and I have a few questions. I am an AT&T Existing Customer so can AT&T just do a phone to phone transfer and transfer my contacts, pitures, etc to the new phone. Also, since I am on a family plan can I keep my Unlimited texting that I already have. Or would it not work the iPhone. Lastly, could I keep my existing Talk plan since I am the only iPhone on my Family Plan?

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Thanks but no thanks. I’ve looked through but I need an experienced person’s opinion. Not what AT&T says.

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at&t can do all that, your just gonna have to go to a at&t store

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You don’t opinions, you want facts. That websitewill provide facts. If you lived in Europe I’d say to ask osullivanbr, he works for them.

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Sync your contacts, etc. from current phone to your mac, then sync the mac with the iPhone when you get it.
While you probably can keep your number when switching, most likely you’ll have to get the iPhone specific tariff and package which won’t be the same as you have now (so the text, etc. probably can’t be carried over)

Disclaimer: Note the horrific amount of “probably” in my answer: I’m guessing, based on my experience with the carrier in Ireland (O2) – best bet to know for sure is to ask AT&T

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Things are very different between the states, and europe when it comes to things like thism but no you wouldn’t be able to keep your existing plan, you would have to change to a iPhone specific tarriff, you could of course select add-ons to that tariff as you wish.

As for transferring your data from your current phone, it’s quite simply done. What phone do you currently have?

A trip to the store is definitely in order though

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@osullivanbr Yes I know that is definitely waht I need. And I don’t believe I can transfer it to my Mac because I have a Sony Ericsson w580i. Even though I have a seperate Memory Stick for it I don’t think I can transfer the contacts.

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Well I don’t know a lot about macs but would this do the trick as a worst case scenario?

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Seriously, not trying to be snarky, but ask AT&T. Checking the website will probably be frustrating, but asking very specific questions about the policies of a company regarding your account is best asked of the company. (The data sync is the only partial exception, and even then, it completely depends on what kind of phone you have now.) People’s opinions on Fluther will have no bearing on reality. Just call AT&T.

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if you can get the LG renoir you should maybe go for that it has more options and a better camera

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