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Which insect do you find most fascinating?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23215points) March 24th, 2019

And why?

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Hadn’t thought about it. Probably bees, but the ants also. There is something really fascinating about collective intelligence, where the collective can be considered an organism. There’s the lesson from the hymenoptera that you can’t top socialism for an efficient and orderly society. The downside of course is that the individual is meaningless.

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The Butterfly the the many variants of them .

They are spectacular in nature and thus make for great close up photographs.

Also the Dragon Fly is very beautiful .

When a child I came across a huge Dragonfly basking in the Sun on the side of our home and the wings shone such a blue that I had never seen before.( Iridescent Blue body)

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I was going to say humans, but they are not actually interesting.

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I think the Praying Mantis. It looks so alien, looks very awkward when it stands and flies, but is just lethal as a predator of other insects.

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Butterflies, there is currently a huge swarm of butterflies migrating from Mexico to Northern California to feed, lay eggs and die as the caterpillars are born.

@seawulf575 My kids and I had a praying mantis that lived for about six months after we caught him. He was vicious in capturing the grasshoppers we put in his terrarium.

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Dung beetle…the shit they pull.

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Peacock spiders. they’re colroful, adorable – and they’ve got rhythm!

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That little guy is cool as hell @janbb!

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@Dutchess_III There are a number of other sorts too. Google them and you’ll see the varieties and their dances. They’re a hoot.

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Fireflies, especially the synchronous ones. I go camping nearby a couple days before the firefly lottery and see them for myself. You can’t imagine it unless you have seen them, it’s impressive!

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Well. I love all types of “jumping spiders.” They’re very entertaining, and come in so many colors. Some seem to have glow in the dark parts.

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I had a daddy long leg living in my kitchen for several weeks. I couldn’t see that he did me any good at all, though.

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