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How often do you change your sheets?

Asked by longgone (16647points) March 24th, 2019

How often would you change them if you had a dog in your bed on a regular basis?

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I change them weekly unless NSFW occurs on them

But having said it, I love dogs as much as anybody but I would do it every day if they slept on it. Not that I would let them

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Weekly and we have a dog that gets up on the bed. But he doesn’t shed so we don’t end up with fur and dander everywhere.

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Weekly – no dog.

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Weekly. No dog, but if I did it would not enter the bedroom.

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Monthly in the winter, dog sometimes on top of the bedspread.
Every two weeks in the summer unless I’m particularly icky. Dog sleeps on bathroom tiles where it’s cooler.

Dog or not doesn’t make much of a difference, as the dogs are never in the bed.

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Dutchess slept with us. I changed them once week then.
Now it’s more like once a month.

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Monthly. If I had a dog, at least weekly.

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I try once a week. Sometimes (more than sometimes probably) it stretches to once every two weeks.

If there was a dog I think I would want to wash them at least once a week. Tough thing to ask me. I think almost all dogs smell like dog, I’m not fond of it. I’m just not a dog person. I had cats growing up, and that didn’t bother me though. They slept in my bed. I’m guessing if it is my dog I wouldn’t feel the need to change the sheets more often. If I slept naked or was going to have sex I wouldn’t want to do it where the dog or cat had been though.

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Every other week. No dog.

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Oh goodness me, we have staff for that.

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@ucme I would imagine your staff buys fresh linens for you every day!

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@janbb You must find me terribly gauche, but yeah, you’re not far from the truth :D

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Thanks, everyone. I’m not alone then.

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@longgone What’s your dilemma if you care to share?

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Our dog sleeps in the bed about every other night, and we (try to) change the sheets every week. Sometimes I wonder if that’s still not enough. If someone stepped on the bed with shoes on, I feel like I would change the sheets immediately – and having a dog in there seems similar in terms of getting outside dirt into the bed.

This question made me feel a little better since the average does seem to be close to once a week. I liked @canidmajor‘s point about the bedspread. Wilson certainly doesn’t get up on the pillows or under the blankets.

It’s just too good to have a furry person in your bed ¯\(ツ)

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@longgone I’ve never slept with a dog (of the canine kind) so that isn’t a factor for me. I toss and turn so much that I would think a furry body in the bed would either be bad for me or it.

I change my sheets weekly in general not so much because they’re dirty but because they get loose and wrinkly.

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@longgone, my young dog doesn’t spend much time sleeping on my bed, it’s mostly a stop on his Home Security rounds. I miss it. The old dog, before he passed, was up there all night, every night. I found it deeply comforting. The bedspread, however, needed a lot more frequent washings.

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@janbb Ha! Well, Wilson is a gentlehound. If I ever find a human guy with his awesome character, my marriage is in trouble. ~

He’s also of substantial size, so there’s no way he could get squashed. I move around a lot at night too, but he seems unfazed by that.

@canidmajor I know exactly what you mean. My old girl used to snuggle up to my legs every night, and settle there with a deep sigh. That sound and the warmth against my legs were so soothing to me. Wilson likes to be on his back, and I get really nostalgic on the rare occasion that he twists himself into a donut against my legs like Nerina used to do.

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I don’t change them, I wash and dry my bed sheets every few days to control the dog hair build-up.

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