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How do i keep make up looking fresh all night?

Asked by eeyore200343 (175points) August 24th, 2008

when i get ready for a night out my make up only stays put for a few hours then i start to look like im not wearing any! i dont really want to take my make up out with me as i like small handbags. please help!

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you probably are using low quality makeup. Use something like Mac cosmetics, they stay on forever. Also, are you applying too little? And are you talking a specific area…such as eyeshadow, or all makeup in general? lipstick/gloss/chapstick is the only thing that usually doesn’t stay on forever. instead of carrying all makeup, just carry a compact case of powder, that helps look “fresh” and doesn’t take much space either.

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There is a product I forgot what its called but you can get it from sephora or macys from a skincare line called benefit. Basically its $12 and it is a liquid that you put ontop of your eyeliner,lipstick, eyeshadow etc to make it last longer

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Sounds like a mix of cheap makeup and facepalms…

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Use a primer, this will help, regardless of the quality of make-up used. BUT, as others have said, better quality make-up does generally last longer


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get an evian spray and spray it over your face when you feel you’re not looking fresh. It will freshen it up instantly.. it really helps. Its a very small bottle so it will fit perfectly in your purse.

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oh ya and use a primer first- and end up with a finishing wax from sephora , your make up will last for hoursss

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its a brand of water

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where can you get this evian spray from?

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Stores like rite aid, cvs or longs drugs

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or buy the Fix + spray from mac
Its wonderful

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