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Is there a problem with the apricot supply?

Asked by Jeruba (48706points) 3 weeks ago

A couple of months ago, Del Monte canned apricots (“lite”) disappeared from the grocery shelves. There isn’t even a space for them on the shelf now, as there is when something is out of stock temporarily.

Then my favorite brand of apricot jam, Kozlowski, stopped production. I wrote to them and they confirmed it, but didn’t say why.

Has something happened to the orchards or the harvesting process or something? Why have apricot products disappeared? Is this just short-term or something worse? I know ripe apricots are fragile and don’t travel well, but in preserved form they’ve been pretty available until now.

If apricots have become a casualty of weather weirdness, that’s another sad loss.

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See the following links:

1) link1

2) link2

Summary: Last year was a bad year and the crop was down 75%.

Too early to tell for 2019

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That’s just the kind of information I was looking for. It seems to explain what we’re seeing. What search terms did you use?

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apricot and shortage (google)

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Interesting. Great bit of deducing what was going on @Jeruba. I just had 5 apricot filled hamentashen cookies yesterday. I’m surprised they offered them now that I know this information. They were among an assortment of other fillings; raspberry, chocolate, and prune.

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I’m wondering if it’s because they used canned apricot mixture, which may have been canned a year or two ago, before the issues, @JLeslie .

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@jca2 I don’t know. @Jeruba was talking about products that are canned or in jars as well. Maybe some parts of the country feel the low supply more than others.

I think the party I was at they actually ordered the cookies from NY. Someone said something about “Brooklyn” but I don’t know if that’s the name of a store down here, or if they ordered them from NY. There is a store called Brooklyn Bagels here, but I don’t remember any cookies on the menu. As a side not: the bagels aren’t as good as NYC, but they’re ok.

I’m going to look on the shelf at the grocery store next time I go.

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@JLeslie: In the baking goods section at the supermarket, they have canned apple filling, apricot filling, prune filling, cherry pie filling. I’m betting the fillings are from a year ago or more, from the factory. That’s what they use to make baked goods, not real apricots that they boil and mash up. Just like when you get a boxed apple pie, the apples are that corn-syrupy mixture from a can, not the same taste as a homemade pie which is usually more chunky and dry.

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@jca2 I know, but @Jeruba is talking about jam and canned apricots. I’m not sure why jam would be different than the “jams” used for cookies and cakes in terms of waiting in factories on shelves. Perserves and jams can last years on the shelf to your point. Even after opening them they last a long time. I just ate raspberry jam that’s been in my fridge for a year already open. I just don’t think any of it is likely sitting around more than 6 months in a factory. Takes up too much space. I don’t really know though.

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@JLeslie: Not just sitting in the factory, but going from a factory to a middle man (distributor, warehouse, etc.) then to the bakery, where they probably keep a supply on hand for holidays or big orders. So from the tree to the factory to the warehouse/distributor to the bakery to your plate, probably takes some time.

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@jca2 Well yeah, the bakery might have a lot on the shelves. The grocery store deals with warehouses and distributors also, but not as much stored in-store like the bakery maybe.

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