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What was our Bichon's strange illness yesterday?

Asked by Aster (19062points) 3 weeks ago

Our eleven year old dog had the following symptoms yesterday and that day only: pinkish vomit, black stool (both on carpet; she wont do this on tiles), sleeping most of the day, wouldn’t eat anything at all including chicken, had clear drool coming from mouth.
Today: she is hungry, ate chicken and wanted more but I was afraid of overdoing it, then she actually barked. She seems perfectly fine. What was the illness?

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Ate something yucky? Something red and yucky?

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Could be anything, but there are two likely scenarios:

1) the dog ate something she shouldn’t have (mouse, spider, decaying something or other) that upset her stomach and it took a day or two to clear out.


2) the dog equivalent of a stomach virus.

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Black stool is actually cause for concern. It’s an indicator of internal bleeding. This explains why that can happen. Your vet can help you find the diagnosis that fits.

Good luck, I hope she’s feeling better. I think your instinct to not overdo it with the chicken is right. Maybe add some white rice and water?

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Any possibility she got hold of one of these? frog

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I actually would take her to the vet. I know it may sound extreme, but that is internal blood or something. Was it stressful yesterday, like anything unusual?

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Vomiting, and diarrhea are very common/broad symptoms for a dog to exhibit.
Given the animals advanced age, I would consider a visit to the vet. If you have not run some basic blood work in a while, and you can afford it, I would start there.

If you can save some of the fecal matter, the vet may want to assess it.

Any loss of appetite should be cause for concern.

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She is good as new. The day after I wrote this she began eating a little chicken here and there, barking, running around, jumping up on the top of the sofa, eating a tiny bit of hotdog and I just don’t get it. I’m just grateful she’s back to normal. Great appetite.

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@Aster Good, its spring so maybe she got a baby mole or rabbit. Mine never eat after a natural meal lol

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