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Have you used CBD oil and what has it helped?

Asked by Harper1234 (288points) 3 weeks ago

Looking for some first person info on this.

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I have had arthritis for decades, and I use CBD. It helps me a lot.

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I know lots of people who swear by it. People here use it for arthritis, and I know people with cancer who use it for something.

I have a friend who just bought some sort of CBD gummies and she said they didn’t seem to do anything, but she doesn’t have a specific problem really.

I think there is a good chance it’s snake oil, but I guess no harm trying. Have they done long term studies on the stuff?

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Not at all… It just made me nauseous!

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@JLeslie, without trying it, and knowing lots of people who swear by it, why do you think there is a good chance it’s snake oil? Other aspects of Cannabis (well, specifically, THC) have been proven (studies abound) to alter perception, increase appetite and other things, why do you doubt that CBD has various properties?

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@canidmajor It has that “too good to be true” feel to me. Although, it easily could be great. People also think OTC products like airborne work to prevent a cold and the company had to pay millions in a law suit for making false claims.

I talk about what vitamin D did for me (and for many people I know) and a lot of jellies here roll their eyes, and try to shut me up. Although, D can be measured by a blood test, that’s all I ever suggest, the test, and get up into normal range, so it’s a little different.

I don’t doubt for a second that certain properties of MJ increase appetite, help with seizures, etc.

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So, essentially, you feel that way (snake oil) because…other, completely unrelated, products have made claims that were unfounded? This is not new stuff, it’s been available in denser concentrations, through medical marijuana dispensaries for awhile now, and has been proven quite effective for a number of problems.

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I am able to sleep with CBD. Also helps me recover from gluten exposure and with joint stiffness/pain.

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I have read many times it is fabulous for seizures in kids. I hope it works for insomnia and occasional anxiety because I will get my hands on some of it eventually.

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My brother has arthritis on his knee & he swears by it. He had tried a million different remedies; but after trying CBD, he stopped experimenting with his pain!!!

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@LadyMarissa Because the CBD oil worked?

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@JLeslie Yes…he swears by it. He says it’s the absolute best thing he has ever tried!!! His house is a tri-level with steps galore & he is now navigating them without even a whence. When in pain, he simply rubs it on his knee & a short time later he is pain free.

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I wonder if they can actually measure any improvement with xrays or MRI?

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@JLeslie, it is more about pain management than actual curing of the condition, in which case standard tests like that wouldn’t show anything.

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@canidmajor For it to be so effective I just wondered if it did do some sort of healing. Like people take ibuprofen for pain, but it actually is reducing inflammation and relaxing the muscles.

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