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Can I do a factory reset on my Facebook account?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (3849points) 3 weeks ago

The BS coming across my feed, even from sources I trusted (until now) is blowing my mind.
I’ve unfollowed, deleted, until my fingers hurt!

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Are you really asking or are you just bitching?

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Sorry no re-do !

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Close your account and open a new one.

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Facebook is not a physical device, so no.

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Ditch it.
It’s freeing, believe me.

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@Dutchess_lll: What you can do is block people whose posts you don’t like. I don’t do that because I feel it’s good to hear different view points, even those I disapprove of.

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I’ve been doing that like crazy @jca2. The thing is, my feed is being over run with articles from sources that, until recently, I appreciated, like NBC news. They’re presenting absolute fluff and bullshit, not news. I unfollowed them, much as I hated to. But it’s not just them.

I don’t think it’s such an odd request. If I could delete all my preference history from FB, then I could start from scratch.
I could make a new account, as @hmmmmmm, said, it would do the same thing. But I’d lose too much that way.

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@Dutchess_III Go to your timeline. Click on more. It’s next to archive and under activity log . It’ll be on the right side of your timeline. Once you click on more it will give you a list. Click on likes. It will give you all the pages you have liked. This is where you can easily unlike every page you want to get rid of.

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Thanks @Stache I’ve been doing that, but just one at a time as they come up. The thing is, I never had a problem with most them before this week (like NBC? Who has a problem with NBC?) I’m just unliking, unfollowing as I go. It will clear itself out eventually.

Now I’m off to be a PE teacher at an elementary school that holds 3 of my grandkids! BYE!

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