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Is it possible with the latest technology we can ressurect the dead one day?

Asked by WhatsGood31 (10points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

It may sound morbid but I heard technology one day not anytime soon will allow us to ressurect loved ones from the dead is this true? Or perhaps bring them back to human form with stem cells I read? How could this happen if the person is already deceased and in ashes in their grave?

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There is no evidence suggesting it’s possible.

As to the stem cells, that would be cloning, which was first successfully done over 20 years ago with the birth of Dolly the sheep.(sheep)

But cloning doesn’t remake the original being, it’s more like making an identical twin.

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For a taste of what this might be like, read Pet Sematary by Stephen King.

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No, not at all possible. This is science fiction.

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With current technology…no. Even someone who has been cryo-preserved. Perhaps with a well preserved body and a scientific understanding of consciousness it may be possible in the future. Depends on what we find consciousness is exactly.

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Depends on how you define death.
Restart a heart that is not beating, or getting someone to breathe again?
You can already do that.

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Like, to live for eternity?

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The mindless dead brought back to life. How very enticing! One day we all could be very old mindless flesh blobs in bed. Nothing more…

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Kirk Douglas…just saying!

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Yes. I left my DNA on a meteorite in a museum in Alberta just in case.

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The day the latest technology can unscramble an egg and put it back in its shell, maybe, but not before then.

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No, but why would one want to?
If possible the body but not the mind could be brought back to life.
One would have a shell without a sense to revive that.
Better to keep healthy living people living longer.

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Maybe by cloning the DNA but experiences, that shape behavior, will be missing.

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Well not if we can resurrect their brain too.

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Science can’t even reliably identify when someone is dead. Corpses have sat up at their funerals every now and then.

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Micheal Jackson wanted to be frozen. Cryogenics? I wonder if they honored his wishes.

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MJ was pretty dead by the time the ambulance came, so his brain would have been gone by then.

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That’s kinda what I figured.

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