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Who wanted know whether I had finished all 7 volumes of H Potter?

Asked by gailcalled (54570points) August 24th, 2008

I can’t find the question where this issue came up. So, yes, I have finished. Too much mumbo-jumbo, not enough epilogue, but pretty good, all in all. Not worth a reread, however,

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I don’t know the answer to your Q. but i am GLAD that you have finished them all. I thought JKR handled the various dilemmas well, and it was a very fitting end predictable, but fitting. My major complaint is how it gets slow while the trio are busy hiding. I know that’s sort of the point (to reflect their life), but since i read the book at midnight on the day it released yes, i was one of those people :), I was very tempted to skip that portion (i didn’t of course).

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I love those books, and I’m glad that you finished them. =)
I actually didn’t like the ending of the book. I think that it’s too predictable and plain, and though they are honorable, those names are absolutely awful.

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i agree about some of the names

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I still think that from book 4 on it was very obvious that she had become so powerful she could ignore the editor.

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edit: “Who wanted to know…” It did get to be a slog as the books kept coming from the library.

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I was the one who asked for you to tell me when you finished. Yes, I thought some of it went in a predictable direction, but I still loved the ending. I cried mostly for Snape. I liked the names at the end. I thought it was fitting.

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I enjoyed them to the bitter end, and I re-read them. I’m silly that way…I also re-read Tolkien’s trilogy, Lewis’s Space trilogy and the Wardrobe books from time to time. They never get old. And many, many others.

From time to time I broaden my horizons, but then I re-read them too. I love them so.

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I DID! I’m glad you enjoyed them. I think I have to go back and re-read the seventh to get all the things I missed the first time (raced through it like there was no tomorrow). That will mean, however, a re-read of all seven. I don’t mind. I love them. I loved them before everyone else loved them, so there :P

Oh, but I absolutely hated the epilogue. Ew.


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