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What's something "ordinary" you've never done?

Asked by ucme (47141points) March 26th, 2019

I have never…

Flew in an aeroplane
Tasted onions
Voted in a General Election (my bad)
Ridden a horse
Owned an umbrella

That kinda thing
Remember internetoids…only answer if ya really wanna!

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Taken a pleasure cruise. Never want. Boring.

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Eaten an egg that was cooked on its own (not as part of a cake or quiche, etc.)

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I have never:

Had kids
Ate liver
Been to my dad’s house

(How in the world have you never voted, even once? Buddy, Brexit is all your fault!!! haha)

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Seriously @janbb? Never eaten an egg? Is there a reason?

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^^ Don’t like them – never have. Fried eggs make my stomach turn.

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Ridden a bicycle.

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@KNOWITALL All politicians are bogus, utterly useless & unworthy of my vote.
You may not be far wrong on Bwrecks-it though :D

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smoked marijuana

got blind stinking drunk

been in a threesome

- on a more wholesome note -

been in a hot air balloon

scuba dived

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Gotten a driver’s license. I only have a learners permit.

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@elbanditoroso I don’t think most of those are “ordinary”

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Never ridden in a helicopter.

Never went scuba diving.

Never went bungee jumping.

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Never have I ever…

Driven stick shift (manual). Only automatic.

Taken a relaxing (sit by the pool and do nothing) vacation. I’ve been on many trips, but they’re all about seeing and doing as much stuff as possible.

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I’ve never had sex with someone of the opposite sex
I’ve never had surgery
I’ve never drunk a soda (other than some mixed drinks that have had soda in them, but I’ve never say, had a can of Coke)

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Wow. I have done almost every single thing mentioned thus far.

I have never owned land.
I have never bought a new car.
I have never gotten a tattoo.
I have never hosted a dinner party for more than four guests.
I have never shot any children…
at their school.
I have never had a spa day.
I have never smoked pot…
without inhaling.
I have never used an easy bake oven.
I have never kissed a girl and liked it.

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I have never gotten a professional manicure.

I have never been to New York.

I have never played baseball.

I have never been to a football game.

I have never watched Game of Thrones.

I have never downloaded a podcast.

I have never camped on the ground, outside beneath the stars (only in tents and campers).

I have never ice skated on a frozen pond or lake (this is a bucket list item for me).

I have never been to my own state’s capitol city (Sacramento).

I have never colored my hair.

I have never played golf (except for miniature golf).

I have never sung karoake.

I have never eaten Tide Pods.

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@janbb I’m sure we touched on this before, but please tell me you have eaten a chocolate penguin biscuit, or nibbled at the very least ;-}

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@Patty_Melt Pleased you have never shot any kids at school, although that could suggest you fired upon some elsewhere…fair play if so :D

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I’ve never eaten Tide Pods either.

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Add me to that club, @Dutchess_III.

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We just have no life, ladies.

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I have also never done the Cinnamon Challenge or any of the other stupid challenges. I hope my daughter is never stupid enough to do that shit.

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@ucme Inded I have.

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I never allowed anyone to pick me up for a one night stand, like from a bar.

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I have never:

Broken a limb
Bought food/snacks at the cinema
Failed a job interview
Fired anyone…okay, so that’s a lie, obviously :D

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I have never…

Stayed on a diet
Learned to knit/crochet
Mowed the lawn
Ran in a marathon
Painted a room
Not worried about money
Stopped flirting
Fried chicken or fish
Been to a Dallas Cowboy game

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Oh oh oh! OK. I have never gone on a diet.
I have never been to a pro football game.
I’ve never broken a bone.
I have never had an epidural (two kids.)

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I have never set foot on the East coast of the United States. And therefore, have never been to the capitol of the United States, Washington D.C.

I have never cooked a steak (because I am a vegetarian).

I have never camped in the desert, or on the beach (because I live within 15 minutes of a beach, without traffic). I prefer camping in the mountains.

I have never attended a basketball game (I have no interest in most sports except for gymnastics and figure skating).

I have never taken ballet. Although I would like to try it, as an adult.

I have never tasted salmon (because I am a vegetarian).

I have never taken communion (because I am not religious).

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Oh yeah, I forgot it was considered normal:

I’ve never smoked anything.
I’ve never taken any recreational drugs.
I’ve never broken a bone (see my earlier answer, never rode a bike)

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@Kardamom were you raised vegetarian? Were you offered fish and meats as a kid?

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I became a vegetarian in my early twenties. My family is omnivores, but the only fish we ever had at home was canned tuna, because no one at our house liked any other seafood. I have tried fish and chips, which was OK, but kind of weird to me. And I had tried shrimp cocktail at a restaurant, but that had a super freaky texture.

My family did, and still does eat meat. When I was a kid, I was super picky, and the only meat I liked was turkey, which we only had on Thanksgiving, and hotdogs, which was a treat that was only eaten on cookouts at the beach, which was a fairly rare occurrence.

I did not eat any other kinds of meat until I was about 15, and my picky palate started to go away. But at that same time, I was becoming very aware of “where food comes from” as opposed to knowing, but really not caring, and I became uber-sensitive and aware of animal rights issues around that time.

I made several attempts at vegetarianism, that failed, in my teens. I ultimately became a successful vegetarian, after becoming close friends with several people who had been vegetarians for many years, who helped me navigate the meat-free world without my parents thinking I was an anorexic, which I think is what they suspected was going on in my early teens, because I was relatively thin.

But I was, and am, about as far away from being an anorexic as one can be, because I have always apppreciated eating, and luckily, I have remained thin.

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Good for you! I am not a big meat eater, but not for moral reasons. I’m just not that into it.

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