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Which was the worst infection you ever had and what got infected?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) March 27th, 2019

On which part of the body was it and how/why did it become infected? How bad was it and did it scare you at any point until it healed?

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I felt like I was melting inside.

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I had the flu once about 30 years ago. I was living in Japan at the time and was deathly sick. It really was very bad. I honestly thought I was dying. I hear many people complain of what they call the flu, which seems more likely to be a bad cold. The flu will kill a person while a cold will not. I get the flu shot annually as a result.

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I had a root canal infection. My cheek blew up like a balloon, like something from a cartoon. Itdon’t recall pain but it looked really scary. A friend referred me to her dentist who took care of it the next day.

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I smashed a wall with a sledge hammer and cut my thumb. It got infected and looked nasty. I got some antibiotics and a month later it healed.

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Ear infections, sinus, ingrown hair. Sinus and ear are pretty rough.

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As a child I had a urinary tract infection, it was very painful, had to go to the hospital and be catheterized, and as a 5-year-old, all of that was very scary.

I also remember having severe ear pain one day in college, but the pain didn’t last and I never did discover what had caused it, though I suspected an ear infection.

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MRSA. The crack of my ass. Both cheeks!
I suspect I got it from a bar of aloe soap (that was changing color from green to yellow to brown with a weird smell.) I was using in the shower but the CDC doesn’t agree with me. (They contend I had to have received the infection from another person. HA!) Had to put myself in the hospital for emergency surgery to drain the infection and stayed in there for three days while they pumped me full of strong antibiotics. To keep the wounds open long enough to heal from the inside out and not get infected again, they plugged the holes with the same packing used when a person gets shot. For two months after that, I would get these boils that would come up through the skin. (They hurt like hell, too!)
I had to refinance my house to pay for everything.
Why did I keep using that soap? Couldn’t see any harm in it…

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My worst was a sinus infection brought on by going on a ski weekend when I had a head cold.

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I had a bad sepsis infection on the back of my head 2 years ago. It started with an insect bite on the bac of my neck, and ended with a week long hospital stay, surgery, and a huge hole on the back of my head. The doctors said it nearly killed me.

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I had q sinus infection. I had no symptoms until one night at work it felt like I had been hit by a lightning bolt at the top of my head. Floor manager called an ambulance.
I was in such pain i barely noticed the ride, or arriving to the hospital.
The doctor said if I had waited a few hours more the infection would have spread to my brain.
He said to use nasal saline instead of antihistamines.

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Flu in the 1950’s temp was 105. Doctor came out to make house call, thought I had both Rheumatic Fever and maybe Polio, put me in the tub and ran cold water over me for half hour.
Fever broke next afternoon, later found out it was “Asian Flu” H2N2 !

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