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Should college women stop wearing leggings so that Catholic college boys won't be tempted?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27692points) March 27th, 2019

See the following letter to the editor link from a mother to the Notre Dame University student newspaper.

I can’t tell if it is an early April Fools prank or if it is serious.

If it is a serious letter, – are women in tight pants the problem?

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No. What if they had a medicine that can stop boys racing hormones? Would that be better?

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Not appropriate for Mass!
Have the Priest talk with them as to the appropriate wear for Mass in a Catholic Church.
Perhaps the Priest should have a meeting with girls in the College as to why it makes them a target for Rape etc
It makes them look like easy pickings for kidnapping for the Porn industry and prostitution.
There are numerous stories of young girls being taken and made to solicit to pay there own way.

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It’s gotta be bogus. Why just pick on Catholic boys???

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I don’t understand the controversy. Are we talking about tights, panty hose, stockings? Are these things now being worn without skirts? Are women now substituting undergarments for pants? I can’t tell exactly what the complaint is about? Is it about a tutu being inappropriate for mass or form fitting clothing immoral on women?

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Of course leggings are not appropriate for church. However, other than that, there is no reason to restrict what a woman wears.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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This is Notre Dame, an extremely conservative Catholic school. Not surprised at all.

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I wish men wore leggings so I can see their…
wonderful minds.

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Life would be so much easier if we could remove our genitals during the day & place them in cold storage until such time as arousal is both appropriate & can be acted upon.

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Actually, I think all of this nonsense would be virtually eliminated once the commonplace witnessing of naked people was allowed to become boringly routine.

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If restrictions on public nudity were abolished, there are probably already enough devotees to nudity to render the sight of exposed bodies boringly ordinary. And all of the rigamarole and controversy arising from the requirement to hide the human body would evaporate.

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I guess she is talking about those super tight yoga pants that leave nothing to the imagination. Not surprised an older woman is complaining about this.

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I’m pretty sure I read this letter many years ago.

Since it’s Notre Dame I guess the school might put more restrictions on dress than a school that is not a religious school, but I really don’t think typical leggings are a problem. Some are extremely thin, and really show almost everything, but typically that’s not the case. This woman seems to not want a woman’s shape revealed.

I went to school in the cold Midwest, and leggings were worn all the time. They are comfy, and I can’t imagine not being able to throw them on, or something very similar to walk down a dorm hall, or go to the cafeteria. The school is where you live for most students.

I think it’s good for young women to understand how men think, but I’m not for restricting the comfort of women to any extreme.

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Does the author let her sons go to the pool or beach? This is ridiculous. Women can wear what they want. Full stop.

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@JLeslie I think that you are right as it was posted for March 27 2019 but in the letter it states Last year?
Here is what the leggings looked like and the response by the College Girls.

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Pfft. I used to ogle the water polo team in their speedos when I was in high school. Foul tempters!

Unfortunately the perception of women as “temptresses” is as old as Adam and Eve. A private school can set whatever dress code they like, but the reasoning of “so boys won’t be tempted” is absurd. Though I often suspect this kind of reasoning lies behind many “modesty” requirements for women.

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It’s hard not to want to look at to be honest. I feel it is a little rude to wear in places where you are not supposed to be distracted.

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In old parts of Charleston SC (where I live,) there are usually two sets of stairs leading to the front door. One side is for women, and the other is for men. Eventhough women wore dresses down to their shoes, they didn’t want men seeking a peak at those forbidden ankles as they traversed the stairs!

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Absurd. The problem is not the women. The problem is the men.

What’s wrong with wearing them to church or mass?

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I guess it’s ok for guys to wear a speedo, or gym shorts and a tank top to mass then.
You forget it’s also a woman complaining about this too.
I would not call it proper attire for anything formal.

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@ARE_you_kidding_why would simply looking be THAT distracting?

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Your female, you don’t understand.

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Is it something you can control or not?

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I mean you can control the urge to not scratch an itch or hold back a sneeze but in doing so you’re not concentrating on the task at hand. I find it a bit rude not to have on proper attire.

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Hmm. Well so do you think the women know what it’s going to do to men but they do it anyway and that’s rude?

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It is rude to not have proper attire. If we are talking about things such as mass, should you really be wearing something next to naked?

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@Dutchess_lll Of course they did, at least the ones who are not completely naive. This is not proper attire outside of the home, exercise park or gym.

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You just told me I wouldn’t understand because I’m a
female. Now you’re telling me we DO know and it’s our fault you men react the way you.

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Still don’t get it

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IMO, women should wear whatever the fuck they want without being judged.

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Sounds right, but they WILL be judged anyway. Depend on it.

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^^Very much, It’s fine for women and men to wear whatever they want but they will be judged for using poor judgement or taste. Nobody can control what others think.

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BTW, the picture you posted of that woman in the leggings was really ugly, but that is her problem, not mine. I doubt Jesus would care if she wore it to church, either. He’d just be glad she was there.
I would find it super weird that it would turn a guy on. It’s just ugly.

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