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Is it a smart move for Trump to abolish Obamacare?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21691points) March 28th, 2019 from iPhone

Can he get away with it?

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Smart? No. Can he get away with it? Well. Will the American people let him?......

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All those annoying old people and poor people and sick people will die off more quickly, leaving bigger pieces of the pie for everyone else. To a guy like Trump, that undoubtedly sounds fine. They (we) aren’t real to him.

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No. He doesn’t have a backup plan.

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No. He just says that to try to lure the Democrats into a false sense of security on the subject. If Obamacare is broken, then Trump should fix it.

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Obamacare was badly compiled. Trump said he had something better in mind. I am hoping it is true. Right now I believe the reason it took so long to make a move is because it really is a complicated process. I am hoping so, anyway

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His backtracking surprised the Republicans and it looks like he is trying to look the hero for reinstating funding for the special Olympics.
He does not have a Plan to replace Obamacare as yet, its just to take the heat off the Mueller Report fallout/debates.

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Of course he does not have an alternative plan.
And the previous republican proposals from the beginning of his reign, were so bad, that they could not even get enough republicans on board to pass it.

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I personally feel that no one has actually taken the time to evaluate all the aspects of healthcare to determine why costs are so hight. And that includes Obamacare that was rammed through without anyone actually reading the whole thing. Until you fully understand a problem, you cannot hope to develop a solid solution for it. Obamacare was bad legislation from the start, but if you want to do away with it, you should have something in place to help minimize healthcare costs.

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I wish “they” would fix the problems with ACA. It is a disaster in many ways. Sure, I have insurance from the marketplace, so I’m in the stat of people signed up, but my deductible is $15k! So, I pay for every little thing I have done, because thank goodness I don’t need more than $15k of care (knock wood). I do spend a few thousand on doctors, tests, and medicine during the year though. The deductible is outrageous, and BCBS is making a shit ton of profit. I’m getting a subsidy so far this year, so you tax payers are paying for BCBS to make their gigantic profit, but if I make too much money I’ll have to pay it all. Right now I’m trying to figure out a way to avoid paying it for 2018, because I made a little too much money. Barely any point in me working.

Trump just wants to throw healthcare out to the wolves. He wants to believe competition will cure the problems, but it won’t. We know it won’t, because healthcare was already not functioning well before ACA.

Everyone who says ACA is great isn’t using the ACA marketplace in my experience. If you haven’t studied up on how it works and what is offered you have no idea about the pitfalls, and how wealthy people can use it and still get the subsidy. Maybe some states are better than others.

Medicare and Medicaid take care of the poor and the elderly. ACA marketplace is for the middle class, mostly the middle class who don’t work full time at a job that provides health insurance. They might be self employed or work for a small employer. I also know a lot of spouses, usually women, who use the marketplace if their husband who is older is retired, and the wife doesn’t have steady work, or doesn’t work at all since their husband retired.

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@seawulf575 You’re wrong about no one taking the time to analyze the economics of health care. You can bet your ass that the insurance, pharmaceutical and hospital corporations knew EXACTLY where what you call waste (and they call gravy) was to be found. This is why they concocted the scheme maximizing the retention of all those profits, ran the trial balloon in Massachusetts under Romney, then greased the Congress in anticipation of Romney’s Presidency when the magic might be unleashed nation wide. The big fly in the ointment of course turned out to be the election of Obama. But the corporations had anticipated this unlikely event as well. Instantly, half that Congressional greasing disappeared down the toilet, as the GOP vowed to oppose even the coming of Christ were it approved by Obama. Obama, recognizing that the ACA was as close as he was likely to get to comprehensive universal healthcare pushed the package through, leaving the GOP to bitch and gripe about THEIR insurance plan with Obama’s name on it—end of lecture.

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Yes, it’s all the Repubs fault, even though not a single one voted for the ACA. It was all Dems. What a foolish statement you made.
But you are correct that the insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, et al. were the true beneficiaries. I have been calling that out since the ACA was passed. And funny thing…I have had to argue with fools on the left all the way to get them to acknowledge that.
So let’s recap: The ACA was generated and passed entirely by the Dems, The entire plant fully benefits the insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, etc., and you believe it is somehow all the Repubs fault. Do you really think about what you are typing as you are typing it?

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Do YOU actually understand what you are reading? WHERE in that statement do I blame the Republicans for the invention of Obamacare? Your dazzling lack of reading comprehension absolutely floors me. Please read my paragraph again, so we may perhaps continue this hopelessly inane conversation.

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@stanleybmanly well, gee…let’s see…Romney created it in Massachusetts and Romney was a Republican. Then you make a statement that the GOP are bitching and griping about THEIR insurance plan with Obama’s name on it. Reading comprehension? I think I got it down pretty well. The fact that you say stupid things and get clocked on them doesn’t change what you wrote. It’s right there for the world to see. As is your lame attempt to dodge and deflect.

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I’m kinda confused right now.

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Yeah I agree and will ask the mods to take it down. YOU may spank me miss melt.

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@stanleybmanly so your stance is that the corporations were all for Obamacare but they had bribed all the Repubs. And then Obama was elected and ruined everything. Yet Pelosi introduced it in July of 2009. So what…the corporations suddenly bribed all the Dems? In less than a year? That seems to be what you are suggesting. Since the Repubs didn’t vote for it at all (not one Repub vote), that has to be what you are suggesting. And the ACA was signed into law 8 months later. So the corporations not only bribed all the Dem representatives and senators, but also all the repubs threw aside their corruption because they hated Obama so much. This is what you are saying happened with your step by step conspiracy theory. And along the way, many Repubs pointed out glaring problems with the ACA which the Dems pooh-poohed away, yet came to pass. So the Repubs not only foreswore their bought votes, but they also pointed out the problems of the ACA. And the Dems, firmly under control of the big money, sold their votes despite the warnings. So now we have a firm grasp on what happened.
As for who or what I am, I have been pretty transparent. Look at my bio…I am “a crusty ex-sailor that loves to chat. I’m sometimes crude and rude but am trying to get better!” I think that describes me pretty well. The fact that you are using derogatory terms for people that live in the south tells me more about you than what you guess about me. I currently reside in the south but grew up firmly in the north. I also spent many years touring around the country living in FL, CA, and ID while in the service. So over all, I think I am probably a more well rounded person than you are. So what about it? Fess up, who (or what) are you?

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Obamacare gave the health care insurance companies government subsidies. It’s a bonanza for them I think. It’s like owning section 8 houses to rent out. The government pays the rent. Reliable check coming in.

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@seawulf575 you STILL have not accurately repeated what I have said. It’s right there in black and white. The corporations invented Obamacare. Only it wasn’t labeled as such. It was nearly the duplicate of the ACA and rolled out in Massachusetts before Obama was a hot topic Presidential candidate, and became the state’s comprehensive healthcare remedy-Romneycare, with the hope that when Romney made President, the plan could be introduced nationally. The corporations greased then greased the Congress—everybody with juice. Democrats, Republicans. The Republicans were happier than pigs in slop and all over the Romneycare bandwagon until—-the election of Obama, when overnight national Romneycare was transformed to Satan’s scheme for the destruction of the country. The plan that had once been their darling was now anathema. All of this is repetition of what I said the first and second times. Do you understand my meaning yet?

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I read your transparent crusty ex-sailor bio, and thought it might be high time to post my own as chief potentate to the emperor of the shoehorn islands. But first, those “derogatory terms for people that live in the South” is a dictionary definition for the word “cracker”, which is exactly why I used the word. You are very good at looking shit up, but the instances when it is clear that you don’t quite understand what you have learned permeate our little talks
to such an extent that it amounts to following the conversation of a man from a spaceship whose familiarity with this country is based on a crash course administered by the klu klux klan. It is unfortunate that you have chosen to hone your considerable reference skills on trash siphoned from those absurdist right wing poppycock mills. You keep cycling that nonsense through here immune to the realization that every time you try it, you stand out like a goober in the sugar bowl.

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I’ve already requested the removal of the “ignorant cracker” post, and hope it will disappear by morning.

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@stanleybmanly so I pretty well summed up your conspiracy theory is what you are telling me. I guess when I actually start trying to apply common sense and logic to your view of reality it really starts falling apart.
As for the term “cracker”, it is an offensive term used to describe white southerners. Sort of like kike or ni&&er for jews or blacks. Yes, it’s in the dictionary but that doesn’t make it any less offensive. Not that I would expect you to care. Since it applies to whites it’s okay to be offensive, right?

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