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As part of a voluntary sterilisation, would it be immoral to harvest human eggs and sell them as human caviar?

Asked by ragingloli (49098points) March 29th, 2019

Would there be a market for it, down in Texas?

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And what about human “rocky mountain oysters”?

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Lord knows there is probably a market for anything in Florida, but maybe not in Texas.

But yes, it would be immoral. And, there would not be much to slurp, human eggs are pretty tiny.

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LOLL!! You are so strange Raggy!

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After all this talk about morality, it had to be asked.
I am sure Ayn Rand would be fine with it.
And apparently, dog is actually quite delicious.

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Also, which of the three would you eat, if you were forced to?

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If I was forced to…I’ll go with human eggs!

Is it immoral if they are harvested after the egg was rejected because it wasn’t fertilized, @zenvelo?

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I would chow down on the dog.
I mean, it looks so delicious.

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I guess it would depend on what its main diet was.

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Hey…would it be immoral to eat sperm?

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Of course not.
Many people do that all the time.

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So why would eating a human egg be immoral?

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That’s a question for Super Raggy to ask! Why would one be immoral, and the other not?

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I never said it was.

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You probably would not get more than 400 eggs in a single human female. It would take 100’s of batches just to make a single edible piece.

The Koran talks about banning human milk banks; So I would reason that egg banks would be off limits too. Canada would ban it because you can’t own your own body for sale at any price. Might be legal in America and Europe, where on can sell bodily fluids like plasma and sperm.

Tell us how it works out for your if you are going to sell the eggs for a tidy profit? You would get more eggs by using stem cells or other genetic tricks to lower the cost, but then the novelty would ware off and be common.

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He just asked if it would be immoral.

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@Dutchess_III I am three steps ahead , and wondering why we don’t pitch a buisness venture to Shark Tank or Dragons Den? Or pitch to a venture capitalist or bank. We can start with lower order mammals and wouldn’t need to work up to humans. It would be more variety than just fish caviar.

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For that kind of money, I wish I’d sold mine. But yes, probably some moral issues there.

“Our current egg donation compensation for your time, commitment and services is $8,000 on average for a completed egg donation cycle (i.e. retrieval of eggs). You can earn up to $14,000 depending on your qualifications and the number of eggs you produce.”

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I wouldn’t think it would be any more immoral than ingesting sperm. Both egg and sperm are just single cells carrying ½ of the DNA needed to create a human.

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Not so much immoral as vomit inducing.

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@flutherother not really. Like @ragingloli points out, humans eat fish eggs…and chicken eggs, and all kinds of eggs. Why not human eggs?

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