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Is it against the law to sell dvd rewinders?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (22202points) March 30th, 2019

Also similar useless items.
Like a pet rock?

Or a university education that is useless? Humor welcome. What have you bought that was useless?

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“All art is quite useless.”
—Oscar Wilde

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I remember a case from decades ago….before the internet was everywhere. A guy took out an ad in the want ads in the newspaper that said “Hurry! Ends Soon! Send $5” and then gave a P.O. Box address. He made tens of thousands of dollars before people started getting upset that they didn’t get anything for their $5. When it was brought to the authorities, there was really nothing they could do since he never promised anything. I think they since passed some silly law to protect the fools.

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During the early 70s oil embargo, many states adopted odd/even gas buying days. If your license plate was even, you could only buy on the 2nd, the 4th, etc.

An enterprising gent.eman sold calculators into which you put the date, and it woul tell you “odd” or “even.”

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I saw a case on Judge Judy where a person bought a cell phone on eBay. The description said “as pictured”. The person received a picture of a cell phone. The seller contended that it was not false advertising. The seller lost.

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One of the president’s scams was awarding university degrees from a bogus university. Those taken in by the scam sued him and he settled out of court before a judgement could be made against him.

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Lol! I used to have a pet rock. And a mood ring.

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Mood rings and pet rocks are not deceptive nor are they objectively useless, and are still sold.

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