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What are some of the simple solutions to varied problems in Fluther that solved a problem?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16768points) March 30th, 2019

Like “go for a walk”, “drink water”, and “Take a vitamin” ect. Can we make a list of simple things suggested on Fluther that worked with little effort?

For me when I stopped taking cabs, to and from the grocery store, and walked I felt better and saved more money, because I was giving $5 tips to the taxi drivers.

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I’ll start. “stop drinking pop”.

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Love yourself.

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Get over him/her and move on.

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Eat a spoonful of peanut butter to stop hiccups.
Works a charm.

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Go see a doctor.

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Walk away.

Get regular exercise.

Make an appointment with your primary care physician.

Eat healthy food.

Ditch the junk food.

Just don’t answer the question.

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Well, except for the peanut butter (I tried that) do we know that the mentioned solutions were actually used by anybody and problems were solved? Good advice, all those things, but does anybody remember a thread where someone came back and said “I went to the doctor on your advice and it fixed something!” or “I stopped drinking the pop and this thing was better?”

I would love to know if good advice was followed and it was truly beneficial.

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Yes, I remember when one jelly was having pain in his side and another jelly that was a doctor told him to go to the ER immediately, that it was his appendix. The doctor was Shililo and I can’t remember the other jelly. He came back and said he went to the ER and it was his appendix. Maybe someone else remembers this and can find it.

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@chyna I remember that. I think it was a one timer maybe.

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Oh, I remember seeing that! Thanks, @chyna! It shows up sometimes in the “favorite fluther threads” Qs.

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Get your flu shot and here’s why…. (per Caravan)

I have ever since that conversation because he explained it better than anyone ever had.

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@longgone It was judochop! Right! Good sleuthing!

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Yay, @longgone, you found it! A real-time life and death drama!

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Thank you @longgone !
I love that thread.

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I can’t seem to search anything. I try to search and “Rats…” keeps popping up.

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Fluther’s search feature is pretty much limited to finding user accounts.

Going to Google and entering, “ search term” is somewhat more productive.

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Oh, I thought of one that helps me at times, “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”

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