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Are women more caring than men?

Asked by thywater (100points) March 31st, 2019

I’m arguing with a friend who keeps giving me examples from the animal kingdom to prove his point that women care more. But if maternity is the sign of a gender caring more, then a woman who is not yet a mother for example don’t care about other human beings any more than men. Right?

I think its all learned behavior for us humans.

What’s your stance?

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Penguins and other birds, certain animals, seahorses… share the burden.

Human females carry the baby for nine months giving birth to a helpless baby, who remain that way til, well, 30 sometimes. I think women are more nurturing instinctively. They do not even require a man to reproduce.

That is nature. Genes. DNA.

Then there is your upbringing, environment, parenting, schooling, character etcetera.

No two people are alike. There are amazing dads, single parent or not, and horrible moms.

But instinctively, I’d say girls and women are usually the more caring, reliable and nurturing of our fucked-up species.

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I guess if you ask women they will tell you they care more, but in reality it is a case-by-case basis, I think.

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@joeschmo even the ones who never have kids? how?

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No. It’s a common, well-loved, myth, just like men being more rational and less driven by emotion, but a myth nevertheless.

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“They do not even require a man to reproduce.”

Interesting. When did this evolutionary trait show up?

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I would say that women are more caring because they are born nurturers. Their whole being is about reproducing, whereas a man’s isn’t.

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I think either can be depending on there nurturing upbringing as some did not have that.
In Animals the female ( example lions) has to keep the male away at times as instinct will take over and she has to protect the babies from the male itself.
In bears for example this is the case, the male leaves and the female protects the young even from the male.

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With certain apes and monkeys, too.

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@kritiper I dont think their whole being is reproducing. men’s is…. men can reproduce and want to reproduce like many kids whereas women cant do that

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@thywater I once saw a program on the subject and I was only repeating what the program was about. And my experience with women seems to prove it out.
Men don’t want to reproduce as much as they want to merely ejaculate.

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But also with lions the females go out to do the hunting while the males stay behind and look after the cubs.

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Different people care more about different things, and there are exceptions.

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@thywater I dont have kids and I am an alpha female, and I help care for a few people. My choice to not have kids doesnt mean I dont like kids, I’m very maternal in some ways like cooking and housekeeping. I just love to make money more than being a PTA mom.

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Not scientifically possible yet, however, almost there I think. Like cloning, perhaps it is already de facto. Then, again like cloning, philosophy and ethics will join the scientific advances debate, imho. I am not a scientist. I know nothing at all, actually.


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Females in most cultures are expected to be more caring and nurturing and are taught to be so. I don’t think there is anything in DNA that biologically makes women more caring.

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Funny word, as cruel to be kind can come into play, but, if you look at the job sector, vast majority of nurses care workers etc are women, by choice. Kids need a balance of the masculine and feminine energies from their parental figures though to integrate properly.

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