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A list of questions about the movie Wanted.

Asked by anthony81212 (389points) August 24th, 2008

Below is a list of questions I had from the movie Wanted, feel free to answer any question you like, don’t have to answer all; or put in your thoughts about the questions SPOILER ALERT:

1) Can people actually control their heartbeat? Perhaps not up to 400 beats per minute or whatever the crazy number it was that Wesley’s heart could beat at. Can people speed up their heart just a bit by thinking?

1.5) Can the heart take 400 bpm?! Probably not.

2) Provided # 1 is true, does the speeding up of the heart actually pump more adrenaline into the blood? I thought adrenaline was produced around the kidney area, and is released there also.

3) Does increased adrenaline speed up the body (as in muscles move faster to accommodate our actions)? Or does it increase our reaction time?

4) Is there actually a type of bath (like the wax bath in the movie) that will heal wounds faster?

5) Can one actually curve a bullet? I’ve heard stuff about the Coriolis effect giving bullets direction variation over long ranges, but can it happen short-range?

6) Are there bullets that have “stages” that “break off” like a rocket, like the sniper bullets in the movie?

Bonus) Am I taking this movie too seriously?

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1. yes you can control your heart beat although you cant think of a specific number you can make it go faster and slower just using the power of your mind.
1.5 no
2. Adrenalin is produced in the adrenal glands which are on top of the kidneys. (unless your American in which case it’s Epinephrine)
3. Adrenalin produces the fight or flight response causing a boost to the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain and muscles (by increasing heart rate and stroke volume, vasodilation, increasing catalysis of glycogen in liver, breakdown of lipids in fat cells)
Dilate the pupils
Suppress non-emergency bodily processes (e.g., digestion)
Suppress immune system
So…sort of.
4. Don’t know would guess no.
5. Don’t know – wouldn’t be surprised if you could
6. would guess not.
Bonus er yes

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Wanted was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. The acting was terrible, the plot was simplistic and uninteresting… it was a bad bad movie.

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not sure why im going to even try and defend this movie since i havent even seen it. but i read about it from angelina jolies point of view and she said it was just a movie for her. it was so she could something active in her life (granted she could have gone mountain climbing or played a game of soccer) but in conslusion, this movie should not be taken seriously or even expected to be good or correct or anything, haha. just watched for entertainment i suppose.

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You’re not going to get any curvature of the bullet like that inside of 2 miles range.

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1 Sightly – see biofeedback
1.5 No way you will died way before that. see Bradycardia
2 No
3 Yes just like when you get scared
4 No but hyperbaric chambers do
5 No
6 No as far as I know and I did a some time in Army Special Forces
bonus Way too much!!!

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De Oppresso Liber

Response moderated (Personal Attack)

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