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What new tech have you read about or heard lately that excited you?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24899points) March 31st, 2019

In the waiting room at the dentist, read a National Geographic article about what MIT scientists and others including NASA are doing to detect life on distant planets revolving around stars like our Sun.

What amazed me the most were this microchips the size of stamps they referred to as “spaceships”—————that as I understand it would be released in space in vast numbers propelled by energy harnessed in space by the chips themselves———-the mission is to detect life wherever they end up going.

Can’t help but to think of the probes in Star Wars.

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Playing my records to relax now.

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LOVE this question!

All of it amazes

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I am a technophobe. No new technologies excite me, because they usually make my life more complicated (not user friendly to me) and way more expensive.

I don’t want things to be new fangled. I just want things to work, last a long time, and to be user friendly to me.

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Are we including medicine? I’ve heard more than one report of using part of the HIV virus to cure serious disease like cancer and sickle cell anemia. It’s in the preliminary stages, but has been very successful thus far in human trials! It’s amazing.

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^^Wow, who would have thunk? : )

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^^Seems that virus is great at invading cells, and they just take out the harmful parts or weaken the virus somehow, and put in a new helpful part and let it divide and multiply.

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^^Now the word is there are more planets than stars. Without curious scientists how would we even learn about that? : )

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