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Are you, (no, not you) ...yes you, better at singing or dancing?

Asked by ucme (50037points) April 3rd, 2019

Doesn’t matter how often you indulge in either activity or even how bad you are, just pick one…or don’t.

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It’s a tie.

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Is my apple better than my orange?

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Dancing for sure. And volley ball. And dance fighting.

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Given that I have been asked to refrain from singing in the presence of others, I’ll have to say my dancing.

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Me too! Except not by my kids or grandkids when they’re little.

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Singing for sure. I have a good voice and can carry a tune. When I dance, I suspect I look something like an epileptic wading bird.

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Singing. I lettered in music.

@seawulf575 Same here, two left feet.

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Singing, but I’m objectively terrible at both.

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I am a better singer than dancer. I sing on stage with my band. But that’s not saying much because I am a terrible dancer.

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@Caravan What genre? How do you make time? Lol

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@KNOWITALL Bluegrass. I play banjo in a band.

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Yes, I’m better.

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I am a famous break dancer. Whenever I start dancing people say “Come on, SmartAZ, give us a break!”

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@Caravanfan plays a banjo. A BANJO! Drives all the girls wild.

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That’s true. Except substitute the word “wild” for “away”.

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