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What are some really creative things you've had kids have come up with?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41084points) April 3rd, 2019

When my oldest was about 5 we went to her dad’s softball games. I let her wander around and play in the dirt and stuff. She showed up with a large rock, wanted to know if she could take it home.
I said, “What for?”
“Because it’s a duck,” she said.
I knew better than to say anything more. Kid’s logic comes out one way or another!
So we got home, she disappears into her room with water colors, comes out and presents me with this.
I JUMPED on it!! I found some spray on laquer and hopefully sealed it that way. I’m kind of afraid to wash it too carefully though, so it’s a bit dirty. It’s been in my bathroom ever since.

She also found a funky rock with a long neck that she painted to be a cat. I used it as a door stop, until its neck broke. That was cool too.

She needs to get busy and paint me some more rocks.

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OK. I’ll start. I don’t know if this is creative or just strange! My almost 4 year old Grandson, who is a clone of his dad, almost in looks but especially in personality, has developed an obsession with our shop vac. The other day he spent 30 minutes experimenting to see what would happen to different things if he held the shop vac on it.
Today he came over, and was playing with it again. I was on the deck with his dad and Rick when I heard the vacuuming making this very odd noise. It wasn’t alarming, just strange.
I came in to check….he had the wand on it that flattens out and then flairs out to the sides on it. He had that up to his mouth and was humming, or growling, into the hose settling up the strangest vibration and noises! THEN he started moving his fingers on it like he was playing a flute or something!!! THAT BOY IS SO STRANGE!!! And I love him.
When it was time to go he did not want to leave his shop vac. He cried a little and threw his arms around it for an extended hug, then kissed it before he left.
Yeah. He acts exactly like his father.

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