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Do you ever have dreams, where you try to punch someone in the face, but your fists refuse to move, no matter how hard you strain?

Asked by ragingloli (49132points) April 3rd, 2019

What does it mean?

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Poor kid, Raggy.

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~It doesn’t mean that you are becoming one of “Them”. You should be fine. @josie has it right. Might be temporary sleep paralysis. At worst you might be learning self restraint.
I had that happen in real life from being startled awake. It scared me, but kept my family from extensive expensive dental work.

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Your common sense urge is stronger than your brutish animal instinct.

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That’s right!

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I had that dream once and finally broke free for the punch. In the waking world I hit my now ex-wife right in the face. Boy was she pissed! I didn’t hit her hard, but she was sound asleep so it was a shocker of a way to get woken up.

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