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Pontiac G6 GT brake lights always on?

Asked by shanebroughton (18points) August 24th, 2008

My Pontiac G6 GT has developed a fairly serious problem. Whenever cruising down the road, accelerating, or idling in neutral the brakes lights will come on. Tapping the brake pedal will make them go out for a bit but then they will come back on.

Does anyone know a possible cause or a solution for this? I will take the car to the dealership tomorrow but if I can fix it myself it will be better than wasting time at the dealership.

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Maybe something is loose, such as the wiring?

In all seriousness though, your best bet is to get rid of the G6.

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The switch is probably broken but where is that switch is another qwestion!

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I have the same issue with my car and the only fix I have heard of is to get a new Body Control Module. I have had my 2006 G6 at the dealership twice to have it repaired to no avail. First they put a new switch in, then they recalibrated my brakes, and last night… they started the same nonsense again. I am currently waiting for them to call me back as they are contacting GM to find out if in fact that is the fix for the problem. Report this though to NHTSA, as they are responsible for issuing recalls.

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everyone my 08 G6 GT has the same problem, YEAAA 4 me.

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The switch that controls the brake light is probably broken. I just had my switch replaced today for the same problem. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me… 2nd switch that was replaced by the dealer in the past 3 years. Dealer said the part was defective. You’ll prob also notice that your cruise control does not work while you have this issue – it’s all linked together.

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The switch is located just above the brake pedal, usually attached to the steering column, it is most likely the culprit. It may be out of adjustment, most can be adjusted or may be intermittently broken. Not hard to replace on most models.

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