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What is the worst date(s) you've ever been on?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8112points) April 6th, 2019

Also who are the scariest / strangest people you’ve met otherwise?

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My friend and I delivered 250 resumes each from north side of Edmonton to south side. All day by walking.

We had no interviews.

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I took a woman out to dinner. We had a drink first, and by the time we sat at the table she was completely out of it. She ordered fettuccine Alfredo, then passed out in it. I carried her to the car and took her home after cleaning Alfredo sauce out of her hair.

Turned out she’d had a quaalude right before I picked her up.

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@Dutchess_lll What is the worst date(s) you’ve ever been on?

The tenth of November and the twelfth of never.

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Decades ago, when I was young and dumb, I did the young guys stupid move. I tried dating two women at once. One night I took one of the young ladies to dinner at a decent restaurant and halfway through the appetizers the other young lady walked in with her parents to have dinner as well. It made for quite a scene and ended with me sitting at the table by myself. Never tried dating two women again. I figured fate would send me more of these episodes if I did.

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Cocky lawyer took me to court to get rid of two speeding tickets, acting like a big shot. Such a loser. But I lost no points haha.

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The story’s too involved.

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It was during my Navy days.
He was a civilian. I can’t recall how I met him. I was bigoted against civilians.

There was no dinner. He took me out for dancing and drinks. We got to this nice place I knew about. It had an island bar, several tables, and lots of space. It was well lit, the music was great, and the decor classy.
We got there, and he complained about the price of the drinks, and he wasn’t interested in dancing.
We didn’t stay long.
We left, and he unlocked the passenger door for for me.
I saw a mirror on the console. I thought I would check hair and makeup real quick. There was baby powder all over it, so I held it out the door and blew it off. He was just getting into his seat when he saw me do it.
He whined that I had just blown away several dollars of coke. He intended to do it with me.
He was pissed.
I was pissed that not only was he bitchy and boring, he thought I would risk the navy’s no tolerance policy to have coke and sex with a bitchy whiner. I suggested he take me back to base. He quickly agreed.
I had him drop me off at the gate and I walked to the barracks.

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The worst is a guy trying to force himself on me physically.

The second worst was a blind date, it was a double date with a friend and her fiancé, and a guy he worked with. I was too young to just go with the flow. When there was no chemistry I just stiffened up. I wasn’t even myself. I was so used to teen boys worrying about getting a goodnight kiss I was pre-occupied even with that, but this guy was in his 20’s and I didn’t really have to worry about that at all in this case.

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I met your dates soul mate, @zenvelo! I accepted a date with a guy once. We were supposed to go to Wichita, 50 miles away, for a dinner and a movie. He got to the house to pick me up. I could tell instantly there was something wrong. Turns out he had taken a Zanex (sp) or 2 before he came.
I managed to tactfully convince him to stay in town and got shed of him ASAP.

I went out with another guy I met on some dating site. I met him at the Hyatt Regency in Wichita, where they had a a simply marvelous buffet. It was the best ever.
The date, not so much. He told a story about him and his buddy cutting down a tree l limb that hung over a house roof. His friend did the cutting. My date stood under the limb, on the roof, to catch it!!! He demonstrated how he stood with his arms extended over his head, ready to catch that limb! It hit him in the head, hard. Almost knocked him out and off the roof. He blamed his friend and he was still mad at him!

Another guy told me I made a “nice seat cover” for his convertible Mustang. Hot car, cold date.

Another guy approached me as I was on my back deck putting up a gate to the deck. It was up a flight of stairs. My fucking landlord had told the guy I was a single mom and told him where I lived. Better believe I ripped my landlord a new one for that. He didn’t understand. He thought I should be glad that he did me this great favor, the moron.
Fortunately the guy accepted “No.” I got a really bad vibe from him.
A few months later he committed suicide in the parking lot of a hotel, in front of his girlfriend. He shot himself in the head.

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