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Do you own a thimble?

Asked by Jeruba (55568points) April 7th, 2019

If so, do you know where it is?

How often do you use it?

Or—is it a “collectible” instead of a useful household tool?

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Just looked in my sewing basket and nope, not any more.

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Nope, I have a “tomato” pin cushion and a needle threader, but no thimble. And I don’t own a monopoly set for one either.

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Yes, but no. No idea. Neither.

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If I have one, it’s boxed up with my seem ripper, and some bobbins. I don’t have access to that box right now. I’m thinking since I don’t remember having one specifically, then probably I don’t. I think the last time I used a thimble was in jr.high sewing class.

This Q reminds me of my husband asking me a several years ago for a darning egg (is that what it’s called?) for his socks. He didn’t know the word, but I knew what he meant. I don’t have one of those either.

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@JLeslie, there was a darning egg in my mother’s sewing basket—porcelain, I think. For some reason I was fascinated by it. It felt so smooth, and it looked just like a large egg, tapered at one end, but of course it wasn’t one. I saw her use it many times, darning my father’s socks. No idea where it is now, but I wish I had it, just as a memento.

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@Jeruba I was shocked my husband knew what one was, I assume his mom, or maybe a maid, used to use one in front of him. I was actually kind of shocked I knew what he meant. I only knew from Home Ec class in jr. high. My mom never darned our socks, although she did sew a hem now and then.

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Yes, but I don’t know where it is.

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In my sewing box.
I sew less these days, but I used to make clothes for my babies. I sometimes used clothes I would not be able to wear for several months because of pregnancy weight.
Now my sewing is mostly just simple repairs.

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Yeth I have a thet on my drumth.

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Yes, and I still use it. I still sew stuff that occasionally requires handwork and I am sew wimpy that I need the thimble. Or maybe I’m doing it wrong and that’s why I need the thimble.

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@canidmajor Or maybe it just has some thimbleism for you?

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Yes, I have several and I don’t use them much.

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Yes, and I use them.

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Yes. I don’t sew by hand very much, but when I do they can come in handy.

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I have a few but I don’t generally use them. I use anything handy nearby to push a needle through fabrick.

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Yes, I use it for Cross stitch projects and embroidery . I do this in the winter months when its too cold to go outside etc

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