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Will learning to play an instrument help me improve my abilities to sing along with music? If so,which instrument is best?

Asked by viennaryk (10points) April 8th, 2019

I’ve not had any vocal training, never been part of a choir and don’t play any instruments (as you must have gathered from my question lol). I sing a capella perfectly well, and people have told me i have a pretty voice. But…i’ve only ever sung a capella. However, when i try singing with music in private, like using online karaoke covers, i sound TERRIBLE. I can’t keep time and hit maybe even less than a quarter of the notes. So i wanna know: will learning to play an instrument help me learn to sing better with music? Oh btw, i cant get vocal lessons or music lessons because my parents don’t support my music dreams. So whatever i do will be on my own, trying to figure my way through. I mean, my parents won’t even buy me an instrument.

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Learning basic rhythms, time signatures, and note values will help you.
To learn an instrument you need to be able to read time signatures, key signatures, notes, rhythms, all that.
Go to a sight like sight-reading factory
Start off in 4/4 time.
a whole note is 4 beats
a half note is 2 beats
1 quarter note is 1 beat
1 eighth note is half of a beat, there are 2 in 1 beat
1 sixteenth note is ¼ of a beat (there are 4 in 1 beat)
(note lengths depend on time sig)
and so on
Hum along, clap along, do what you need to do to learn the rhythms. Do that should help you get your time better. You don’t need to learn an instrument to learn these things.
learn to read music and get sheet music for your songs after you learn, then it should be easier.

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Also, percussion might be good to start if you really wanted to learn just because you can get drumsticks and a practice pad cheaper than a flute or something.
Also, percussion deals with rhythm and time maybe more than others (every instrument does but it’s especially important with drums since they keep the beat)
I’m biased but I’d pick saxophone :)

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You can learn nearly anything from Youtube these days.

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Most buy/sell sites have a free section, and people give away musical instruments all the time. I suggest a piano. My grandson has a ¾ size Casio Electric piano and he loves it.

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Piano might be best. But if you don’t have the ear to tell if you’re off key, you’re out of luck.

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