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Had anyone on Fluther seen a series like this that covers so much ground in the areas of life and the afterlife?

Asked by Inspired_2write (13257points) April 8th, 2019

I watched this fantastic movie on TV last night and was mesmerized with its concept that covered so much in terms of Spirituality, Philosophy, Ideals, Cultures, Reincarnation, levels of Gods in different realms, consequences of decisions, Time travel, animations, and it delivered much more.

This movie had a little of Dante, Matrix, Jurassic Park, D and D concepts, everything to make the viewer think on all of these theories etc

At least in the link of the video the subtitles are larger to read along.
Link :

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I just located this one on Blu Ray and DVD version.
Looking for the series too.

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It was one of my favorite shows: QUANTUM LEAP. By the series ended it was revealed that Sam was doing God’s work, and at the same time he could have stopped if he wanted to. He was helping people and: “PUTTING RIGHT WHAT ONCE WENT WRONG,”

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