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Do you watch the opening and closing Olympic ceremonies?

Asked by flyawayxxballoon (1352points) August 24th, 2008

Do you just care about the sports competitions? Or do you not watch the Olympics at all?

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I watched female beach volleyball. That was the only thing that interested me.

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I watched a lot of the sports events (both ones that I am familiar with as well as some that I am not) and the closing ceremonies. I missed the opening ceremonies but would have watched it if I had remembered.

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I watched the opening and plan on watching the closing ceremony when it is broadcasted tonight.

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I missed it this time. I usually always watch it.

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yes, both great productions.

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I watched them both. I loved them. Amazing.

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I always watch them, but i missed it this time, so i’m downloading it :D

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I watched as much as I could, I had my DVR programed to record many programs, I love the Olympic games! Even though Mexico only won 3 medals… :(

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I always tape them but just never get around to watching them. Oops.

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Old joke: No wonder @2late2be, all the Mexicans that could run, jump, or swim crossed over to America years ago. (ba-dump shee!)

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Not nice robmandu, you don’t have to be rude.

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too busy Fluthering.
But what glimpse I did see was spectacular.

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I try to watch the opening and closing ceremonies and as much of the sports as my time will allow. After all, we only get to see each of the two types (winter and summer games) every 4 years.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics were some of the most beautiful and impressive that I have ever seen in my lifetime. And I’m not sure that they will ever be that good again, in my opinion.

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