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What's the most complicated series you know and do you like it?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) April 9th, 2019

TV series, movie series, anime series, manga series, comic book series, video game series. What’s one that you love even though the overarching plot is complicated?

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i absolutely loved Breaking Bad. and with a rating of 9.5 from over a million viewers other like it, too.
You can watch it on so many levels. The plot, the writing, the photography, the symbolism.
You are guaranteed to learn something.

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No book series?

Wait, I just saw “novels” in your tags.

The Fleet Of Worlds series by Larry Niven and Edward Lerner is sometimes challenging to follow, so many factors and details to follow.

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Twin Peaks was confusing. I stopped watching.

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I also was lost on Lost.

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“What’s the most complicated series you know and do you like it?”

My all time fave series is the binomial co-efficient nCk.

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Whoops, I forgot to mention books. Yes, book series included!

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Counterpart. It’s awesome. You don’t realize until several episodes in some of the details you didn’t realize meant something. I watched one episode three times. It’s the first time I’ve ever joined a Facebook group for a TV show.

I think it’s still on Denand. They cancelled it, I’m still traumatized and in withdrawal. It was on Starz channel. At first I didn’t like how violent it was, but some of that goes away and it just becomes very interesting more than anything, and like a puzzle.

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I don’t know it it’s complex, exactly, but I think Bojack Horseman is deeper than the average show, even in this “platinum age” of TV.
Black Sails also had a lot going on. Not saying that just because I’m into that sort of thing (look at my avatar).

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I am intrigued with a series that was on TV a few nights ago, as I caught the last movie of that series and now I want to view the total series on DVD.
This last movie episode was titled:” Along With the Gods: The last 49 Days”.
I located that one on Amazon, but need to find the previous ones as well.

This link explains the DVD synopsis:

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Here’s another vote for “Breaking Bad”. I love that show.

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Plus 1 for “Breaking Bad”.

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Maybe the Dune books.

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The Wire. I win.

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