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Anyone using the same bedroom furniture you got when you married?

Asked by Harper1234 (854points) April 11th, 2019

Have been married 33 years and have the same bedroom furniture. Now we have changed the mattress a few times but I can still see where my son was teething and was nawing on the bedpost!
I am sure all that paint and varnish was good for him! lol

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The same campaign bed and sets of drawers from 1982. The change is now that the surface of the bed is a full 3 feet above the floor. Early on, the wife would flop around something fierce in the bed, occasionally landing on the floor. Today such an event might well mean serious injury.

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“Campaign bed.” Giggle!

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We would have the same bed, but the water mattress broke and ruined the frame so we got a new one.

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I replaced the bedroom furniture when I replaced the wife.

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I had the same bedroom furniture since I was 19. I just replaced it 2 years ago. I’m 61.

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Me! Married 26 years now. We are 51. We talk about changing it every time we move. Mostly, because the bed isn’t held together very well anymore. It’s a platform bed. It’s not what I would choose today, but I don’t dislike it.

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11 August 2017, my home was destroyed by fire and had to be gutted and rebuilt. I needed to replace all the furniture, including the mattress. Now, I have this really cool bedroom that reminds me of a beach house—pale green walls with white trim, new hardwood floors, and white furniture.

That’s likely much more information than you’d expected, but it all happens to be true.

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I still use the original tackle but it’s beyond it’s best before date.

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Oh, I like that information @Love_my_doggie. Can I have a pitcher please??

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^^^ How kind of you to be so interested, V. Yes, I’ll take and post some pitchers after April 15th.

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Well, it just sounds marvelous, Dahling!

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