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Do you think famous people don't think about banal things?

Asked by luigirovatti (970points) 1 week ago

Or at least, don’t show it if they are people on video websites like YouTube who don’t respond to 1 of the comments of YouTube, and who, frankly, don’t seem to have the same line of reasoning that less famous people have. I know it sounds weird, but, if you watch interviews of people who profess themselves to be psychics, they’re perfectly sane-minded, talk normally, don’t exhibit unusual behavior or slip-ups, it’s like they’re thoroughly indoctrinated. Or, when a crime has been committed, and the suspect gets invited at a tv studio to be interviewed, the person, if famous, let’s say, a politician, denies everything, he says the flaws of the question asked, but later, he’s found guilty in a court of law. (And as a side note, the people putting the videos on YouTube knows the law to the letter.) It’s like, with these people it’s not merely a question of what they think, what they feel, what’s their beliefs, opinions, etc. To me, it’s like they’ve had a style. The style, of course, is also prevalent in mass media. If you don’t believe me, pick an expert that can analize syntax, grammar, vocabulary and lexicon of what a journalist says or writes in his articles to determine his/her personality. (This profession, for the record, exists, and it’s studied in universities. It’s called “stylometry”.) They’ll find out that person is talking much the same way. Of course, this applies to some famous YouTube channels. Anyway, what do you think?

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Just the opposite. The bulk of us have the convenience of believing how much better off we would be if we were rich, good looking or famous. Imagine what it must be like to be granted such desires and find yourself nevertheless miserable. I remember that great quote from Rita Hayworth “They go to bed with Gilda, and wake up with me.” Forget all that psychic nonsense or the proclivity of people who’ve “got it all” to seek out such charlatans in desperation for a suitable explanation on their misery. My own defense is to forget about happiness and settle for contentment if you’ve the luck to find it. I have that luck and think the secret is pleasures derived from the most banal of things, like my wife’s appearance in her new maroon corduroy jeans and clomp clomp dutch shoes. I just grin and and giggle like a fool. And when she accusingly narrows her big blue eyes with “what are you laughing at?” I lose all control.

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Look at someone young, rich and famous like Justin Bieber. He has been photographed many times just sitting somewhere crying. He has admitted in interviews that he is depressed and hasn’t worked on his music in a year. Rich doesn’t mean happy.

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@stanleybmanly & @chyna: But I’m not saying rich people must be happy. I say they follow the same style.

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If “follow the same style” means they are as unhappy as the rest
of us then I would say they are at least as miserable and probably more so. Do me a favor and clarify “follow the same style”. The same style as whom?

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I mean style of talking and of writing.

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Talking and writing like whom? Never mind I read your question again, and confirmed that you mean compared with the less than famous. But wait a second. Should fame be included in a list of banalities?

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Like they have their own repertoire, just for the occasion.

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Well wouldn’t you expect them to be more occupied with whatever made them famous than the rest of us? Let’s say a famous artist is rich from cranking out banal art like noodles from a pasta machine. Let’s suppose that he is fully aware that his stuff is schlock. Do you imagine he might dwell on that fact more than you or I who wouldnt be caught dead with his “work” on our walls? After all, it’s his living.

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Trump’s famous.

I have a hard time following what you mean.

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@Zaku: No-one opposes Trump. Even Mueller conducted a two-year investigation to find no collusion. Trump and his lawyers foresaw everything.

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This question, its details, and your responses @luigirovatti are all over the map. I have no idea what you are really asking.

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@luigirovatti I assume that’s humor, but it’s only adding more confusion to what you’re trying to get at in this question.

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